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The earphone-revolution: EarPhone-12 with DSP & Iphone Application!

The EarPhone-12 is our first earphone ever! Obviously, as you could expect from XTZ, we went for something completely new. The idea behind this project was not only to create a good earphone, maybe with an excellent price/quality ratio, but to build something revolutionary, something that expresses our passion for music and technology. 

A problem and its solution 

The limited mechanical space in an earphone makes it difficult to create a perfectly balanced sound over the whole frequency response. The solution of the problem is advanced DSP technology. First frequency response is measured in a dummy head, then it is carefully corrected with DSP technology. This combination leads to aperfect result without compromise.

DSP technology from Dirac Research
Dirac Research owns the markets most advanced technology in digital sound processing (DSP) and consequently it´s used by several luxury brands like BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc . The advanced algorithm optimizes both, frequency response (amplitude) and also impulse response (time domain). Applying Dirac’s DSP optimization, the result is an impressively balanced and flawless sound, which can’t be described better than stunning, breathtaking.

Frequency response optimization (Graphic Example)

Impulse response optimization (Graphic Example)

Quiet and relaxing 

We also paid a lot of attention to efficiently reduce influence of background noise. We obtained a very high attenuation of the noise floor, caused by rumors in the listening ambience, which contributes to a much cleaner and dynamic sound.

Unique features 

Also wearing comfort has a high relevance, when it comes to earphones. To avoid damaging the cable we decided for a strip-shape cable, which benefits from a kind of “built-in” stiffness. The XTZ EarPhone-12 comes with built-in magnets on their backside, this way, when you have to interrupt listening, you can just “put them together”, and wear them around your neck, just like a collar. Also the classical cable tangle is decreased in this way!

DSP player app for iOS 

The XTZ player by Dirac for the EarPhone-12 is a state of the art DSP player app for iOS. With it you can listen on all your music in your iTunes library with the added benefit of DSP correction of your EarPhone-12. This transforms the ear phone fromvery good to excellent!

Also A normal earphone 

EarPhone-12 works as any other “classic” earphone: just connect them to any source, they’ll do their job!

 Application for Earphone-12 

 The application can be found on app store and is free.

 The application is only avalible to use for XTZEarphones.


- DSP player app for iOS (iphone/ipad)

- 6.3mm adapter gold plated

- Flight adapter gold plated

- Three cushions ( S/M/L )


Info :

-DSP HD sound from Dirac Research

-Necklace function

-Flat tangle-free cable

-Quick fit (Left and Right have same shape)

-L shaped plug 90 degree

-Bass adjustment

-Plug 3.5mm

-Cord Length 1.2m

-Impedance 16ohm

-Frequency Response 18 - 22kHz

-Sensitivity (at 1 KHz) 93dB

-Driver Unit 2 x 8.6mm

-Magnet: Neodymium

-Driver : Treated PET

-Weight : 13g

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