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99 W10.17P / Flexible High End passive subwoofer

99 W10.17P is a very flexible passive subwoofer in an elegant piano finish. You can now have more control of your sound as you are free to select any amplifier for the subwoofer (suitable power is 100 - 400 watts).

A good example of a competent external amplifier is the Sub Amp 1/Sub Amp 1 DSP. An advantage using an external amplifier is that you can connect two subwoofers, thus reducing the problems with nodes/modes in the room.

  • 10" long stroke aluminium driver from SEAS
  • Stable and bar reinforced cabinet with 25 mm MDF
  • Selectable bass reflex- or sealed construction 
  • Non parallell walls to minimize standing waves
  • Heavy terminals accepting banana, fork  etc 
  • 8 layers of piano paint
  • Room Tuning

Technical presentation
The cabinet is built from 25 mm MDF with several internal bars for a robust and rigid construction without resonances. The idea is that the 99W10.17P can be used together with for example 99.26, but of course it can be used with other speakers as well (as a separate bass module). Together, these form a potent 2.2 system.

After evaluating several drivers, the choice fell on the SEAS units. Norwegian SEAS is today a world leading speaker/driver manufacturer. Their drivers can be found in several upper High End speakers. With their 60 years of experience, they possess knowledge that usually puts the competition behind.


The driver has a high flow type solid aluminum cast basket, acoustically transparent. The membrane is extremely rigid, and in combination with the soft rubber suspension the usual edge resonances are effectively eliminated. The magnet is a 3 kg unit. This together with the very powerful magnet, low weight membrane and stable suspension provides both power and precision to the sound.

99W12.17P has got rubber feet to reduce vibrations. These can be replaced with spikes if preferred (M6). The rubber feet are adjustable.

Why use two subwoofers?

We recommend using two subwoofers as there are several advantages this way. First, the system can play louder, and another reason is that more excitation points will cause fewer phase cancellations in the room. The result is a clearer soundstage. A more thorough study in wave distribution in a room can be found here. Read more > 

Another advantage is that you can use a smaller amplifier but still reach the same sound pressure level.


Construction type: Passive subwoofer, Bass reflex gate or may be set as closed box.

Room-Tuning: With 2pc of included bass-plugs you have 3 different caracter of sound

Dimensions (HxBxD): 700 x 330 x 405 mm

Weight: 25,5 Kg


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