"The XTZ 95.22 has not only beautiful appearance, designed tobetter meet the minimalist home environment demand for its thin thickness of the box,it is also easy to use. It makes a perfect partner with a flat-panel TV to create a greatsound atmosphere but still a cost-effective speaker with excellent performance."

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95.22 Gloss Black

380 €

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95.22 - Outstanding flexibility, design and precision

The 95.22 is our wall speaker model, designed to provide modern living areas with great sound while blending in beautifully with a room’s décor. One should not underestimate this unique speaker due to its size. The high quality ribbon tweeter plays with a richness of detail that cannot be found in any other speakers within this price range. To guarantee the ribbon has strong support, the mid-bass driver is especially coated with a very rigid, low weight material. The transient response of the whole system is amazing and provides the listener with high-quality sound. In combination with the ornate multilayer paint, the 95.22 is an excellent choice for living rooms and home cinemas.


Equipped with a great ribbon tweeter consisting of a resin-aluminum sandwich construction, the 95.22 plays in an extremely precise manner and sounds very natural in the higher frequencies. This high-quality ribbon tweeter cannot be found in any other speakers within this price range. The low-mid driver consists of titanium oxide-coated polypropylene which provides it with an excellent stiffness-weight ratio. In combination with its strong magnet, the driver yields a great transient response so the speaker is highly accurate, producing a precise sound stage.


The housing of the 95.22 is a closed box construction consisting of 18 mm strong MDF resulting in a very stable structure. Due to this solid construction, the weight of this small wall speaker is more than 5 kg. The additional internal struts and the insulating material minimize resonances effectively and thus provide a clean and dynamic sound. The rear keyhole device ensures an easy installation on the wall.


The two coating variants, gloss black and matte white let the 95.22 look classy and very sophisticated. The elaborate multilayer painting and polishing process ensures a perfect surface and therefore a good integration into modern living rooms. The 95.22 gains additional refinement through the rounded edges on the speaker front.


Golden screw terminals ensure a safe hold for your bare wire or your banana plug connection. Thanks to the embedded terminals and rubber studs which provide a low minimum clearance from the wall (5mm), the wire can easily be accessed or fed into the wall.

Front Cover

Four magnets ensure a perfect fit of the front grill to the speaker and thus in addition to a simple change for a flawless speaker. The acoustic cloth that is used is acoustically transparent. Possible damage to the loudspeaker can be effectively prevented by using the cover without compromising sound quality.

Further Information

Ribbon Tweeter
Ribbon Tweeter

A ribbon tweeter mounted in a horn provides superior transient response, a very flat frequency response and low distortion. The ribbon cone is super light and only 18 microns thin. It is a sandwich construction of rosin-aluminum-rosin that has been hardened at 320 degrees Celsius. The magnet system is a 2 row high-efficiency neodymium magnet in a molded chassis of ceramic carbon steel. Fishbone shaped contactors in aluminum yield a low connection resistance and good heat dissipation. The driver has high power durability and handles frequencies up to 35000 Hz.

Woofer / Midrange Driver
Woofer / Midrange Driver

We decided on a 5½” driver in order to provide the best balance of: power capacity, frequency response, transient response and price. The high grade polypropylene cone with electroplated titanium is extremely light but still very stiff while effectively reducing resonances. The rubber surround ensures that no edge resonances occur. The molded metal basket is rendered acoustically transparent and accurate because the basket is shaped precisely during the molding process. This ensures that the basket is very stable, efficiently reducing resonances. The basket is absolutely non-magnetic, which contributes to the driver’s higher efficiency. A strong magnet combined with the lightweight cone results in high efficiency and a good transient response. High power handling and the long cone excursion ensure you obtain excellent power output.


We have chosen a -12 dB crossover filter with good transient response and minimum phase shifting. Only quality capacitors and low impedance coils are used. The terminal is gold plated and ensures a safe hold for your bare wire or your banana plug connection.