"...an incredibly good home theatre system for its price range that also handles most music exemplary well"

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio - 

95.24 Matte Black

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95.24 - Powerful and natural sound

The 95.24 was designed to fill two roles; on the one hand to complement the surround system of the 95-Series and on the other hand as an excellent stereo system. Due to the outstanding performance of the high-end ribbon tweeter, the sound is precise, smooth and very dynamic. For the midrange and bass, a specially coated woofer is used to achieve great transient response. The combination of these two drivers makes the 95.24 a perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality compact speaker. Additionally, the speaker’s sound characteristics can be adjusted by using the supplied plugs to adjust the bass or the jumper to adjust the tweeter on the back of the speaker.


The exquisite ribbon tweeter which is used in the 95.24 is a resin-aluminum sandwich construction with only 18µm depth and has the ability to play with the highest precision. The ribbon is supported by a mid/bass driver constructed of polypropylene which is coated with titanium oxide to increase its stiffness. Over the entire frequency range, the 95.24 creates a soundscape that is unmatched by other speakers in this price range.

Sound Tuning

The bass reflex tube on the back of the 95.24 can be closed with the supplied plug, causing the box to behave as a sealed speaker. With this, the speaker compensates for close proximity boundaries so it can be positioned close to walls with bass that will be even more precise. The jumper located on the terminal provides additional flexibility by allowing the tweeter level to be adjusted in order to customize the sound to suit individual preferences.


Thanks to the 18 mm thick side walls made of MDF and the additional bracing of the housing, the 95.24 is extremely stable. Internal resonances are effectively suppressed and minimized by the insulation material and the high inner damping of the MDF. The drivers are thus able to play in their optimum operating range, achieving maximum precision and fidelity.


For the surface of the 95.24 two different colors can be chosen: matte black ash or matte white. Thanks to the wood grain of the matte black ash, the pvc survace looks extremely natural and beautiful. The white pvc survace lets the 95.24 look very noble and at the same time provides an excellent contrast to the drivers.


The gold-plated screw terminal supports tri-wiring and tri-amping and provides excellent connection options for your speaker wire. These options result in reducing transmission resistance. In addition, the terminal offers the possibility of adjusting the tweeter level with the help of a jumper.

Front Cover

Four magnets ensure a perfect fit of the front grill and thus in addition to a simple change for a flawless speaker. The acoustic cloth which is used is completely transparent to sound. Possible damage to the loudspeaker can be effectively prevented by using the cover without compromising the speaker’s sound quality.

Further Information

Ribbon Tweeter
Ribbon Tweeter

A ribbon tweeter mounted in a horn provides superior transient response, a very flat frequency response and low distortion. The ribbon cone is super light and only 18 microns thin. It is a sandwich construction of rosin-aluminum-rosin that has been hardened at 320 degrees Celsius. The magnet system is a 2 row high-efficiency neodymium magnet in a molded chassis of ceramic carbon steel. Fishbone shaped contactors in aluminum yield a low connection resistance and good heat dissipation. The driver has high power durability and handles frequencies up to 35000 Hz.

Midrange / Woofer Driver
Midrange / Woofer Driver

We decided on a 5½” driver in order to provide the best balance of: power capacity, frequency response, transient response and price. The high grade polypropylene cone with electroplated titanium is extremely light but still very stiff while effectively reducing resonances. The rubber surround ensures that no edge resonances occur. The molded metal basket is rendered acoustically transparent and accurate because the basket is shaped precisely during the molding process. This ensures that the basket is very stable, efficiently reducing resonances. The basket is absolutely non-magnetic, which contributes to the driver’s higher efficiency. A strong magnet combined with the lightweight cone results in high efficiency and a good transient response. High power handling and the long cone excursion ensure you obtain excellent power output.


We have chosen a -12 dB crossover filter with good transient response and minimum phase shifting. Only quality capacitors and low impedance coils are used. The terminal is gold plated and ensures a safe hold for your bare wire or your banana plug connection.

Sound Tuning

By inserting the supplied bass reflex plug in the port, you can alter the lower boundary frequency of the 95.24. Also, the treble level can be adjusted in order to adapt the speaker to your listening room’s characteristics or your personal preference. The terminal is equipped with jumpers which allow you to adjust the tweeter in 2 levels: 0db; +3db. These adjustments and settings depend on the size and shape of the room, and of course your own preferences.