"Providing high-end drivers for a beginner's price, the 99.25 offers an outstanding price/performance ratio." "...they play far above their price range."

- Matthias Jung, Hifi-Statement - 

99.25 LCR Gloss Black

990 €

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99.25 LCR - Outstanding precision and accuracy

The 99.25 LCR belongs to the third generation of the 99-Series, a speaker line famous for the outstanding quality of its drivers.  To complement the inside technology, the speakers feature a gorgeous multilayer paint finish. In our view, they exceed any comparable offerings in their price range.  In the case of the 99.25, the ribbon tweeter which is used originates from Fountek and is one of the best on the market. The ribbon is supported by a mid-bass driver from the well-known Norwegian driver manufacturer SEAS. Both drivers together create a perfectly balanced and accurate sound which let you detect every detail in your favorite music or movie. You will appreciate the speakers’ smooth and precise sound reproduction as well as the unique finish of these jewels.


Never judge a speaker by its size. This is the central message which you will understand when listening to the 99.25 LCR. The best drivers like the ribbon tweeter from Fountek and the mid-bass driver from SEAS ensure a superior and extremely precise sound experience. The ribbon tweeter is able to handle every impulse with maximum accuracy and at the same time produce outstanding dynamics. In combination with the extraordinarily fast acting SEAS Excel driver, the sound reproduction is absolutely natural and thus highly realistic.

Sound Tuning

To ensure perfect sound even in environments which can be challenging from an acoustical point of view, the 99.25 LCR provides you with several possibilities to adjust the sound characteristics. Using the supplied plug to close the bass reflex port, the speaker performs like a sealed speaker. The bass will be less deep but it will be more precise. If you want to place the 99.25 near a wall, this might be a good choice. Furthermore, the jumpers on the back of the speaker can be used to adjust the tweeter to perfectly tailor the sound to your room and taste.


Despite its small dimensions, the 99.25 weighs 11 kg showing that it is well built and reinforced. Most of its weight derives from the thick walls made from MDF which are at least 16 mm thick. These efforts ensure a maximum attenuation of standing waves and resonances inside the cabinet by optimizing the inner damping of the housing. Furthermore, the generously applied damping material helps to effectively reduce backwards radiated sound. Therefore, the drivers work in the best possible environment.


The high class multilayered paint of the 99.25 LCR is available in black high glossy and matte white. Both variants are polished in an ornate process to achieve this ultimate finish. The roundly shaped corners of the cabinet make the 99.25 look even more exclusive, beautifully reflecting the light. These properties create the timeless elegance of this unique compact speaker.


To provide the lowest resistance and therefore best connection, the screw terminal is gold plated. Due to its high quality, the terminal also ensures a long-lasting and secure connection to your amplifier. It is also possible to drive the speakers with bi-amping or bi-wiring. Furthermore, the terminal provides you with room-tuning possibilities by using the supplied jumpers.

Front Cover

Four magnets are used to keep the front grill in its place. Since the magnets are covered with rubber, the integrity of the finish is ensured. Another advantage of the magnetic grill is its automatic positioning. The black cloth which is used is acoustically completely transparent but at the same time opaque. It protects the drivers effectively from possible damage without compromising the sound quality.

Further Information

Ribbon Tweeter
Ribbon Tweeter

The 99 Series ribbon tweeter delivers a superior transient and flat response thanks to the super thin ribbon cone which is only 18 microns thin with a powerful neodymium magnet. The magnet system is a 2 row high-efficient neodymium magnet in a molded chassis of ceramic carbon steel. Fish-bone shaped contactors in aluminum result in a low connection resistance and good heat dissipation. The front plate is made from CNC machined aluminum to make sure the tweeter is fixed to the front cabinet as firmly as possible. The driver has high power durability and handles frequencies up to 40000 Hz.

Midrange / Woofer Driver
Midrange / Woofer Driver

The tweeter is a perfect match with the 6.5" mid/woofer from SEAS. SEAS is the only company in the world to offer high purity, die-cast and machined magnesium cones. The SEAS Excel magnesium cone drivers are world-renowned for their high definition, low distortion and accurate sound reproduction. The surface treated magnesium cone is extremely light but at the same time extremely stiff and it effectively reduces resonances. Each cone is individually machined from a solid piece of magnesium for maximum precision. The rubber surround makes sure that no edge resonances accur. The molded metal basket is a “high flow” type that is acoustically transparent both above and below the spider. The basket is shaped with high precision as a result of the molding process. The basket is absolutely non-magnetic, which contributes to the higher efficiency of the driver. The strong magnet combined with the light cone ensures high efficiency and a good transient response. Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce nonlinear and modulation distortion and increases the overload margin.


For the midrange and tweeter, we have chosen a -12/18 dB crossover that has a fast transient response and minimum phase shifting. The crossover is built with massive air-coils, low tolerance high quality MKP capacitors and MOX resistors. The connectors are of a bi-wiring type so that you can connect a separate wire/amplifier for each driver to further improve the sound.

Sound Tuning

No speaker sounds the same in every room and everybody has different tastes in sound. This is why XTZ 99 Series comes with room tuning options to drastically alter the sound character of the speaker so it fits your needs. The 99.25 LCR is equiped  with port for the midrange/woofer. By using the supplied bass reflex plug, it is possible to mechanically alter the lower frequency boundary. The crossover allows further adjustment. The terminal is equipped with jumpers to alter the tweeter’s characteristics with four settings available: 0dB, +3dB, -2dB, and -4dB. The bass reflex ports, in combination with the adjustments made using the jumpers, result in a speaker that is customizable to even the most challenging sound environments.