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Divine Alpha - Pure high end in its most beautiful form

As one of the best floor standing speakers on the market, the Divine Alpha is an absolute jewel in every way. The ceramic midrange driver which is used originates from the German high-end manufacturer Accuton and is one of the best worldwide. In combination with the ceramic dome tweeter which is also made by Accuton and the two SEAS Aluminum bass drivers, its sound reproduction is a perfect balance of harmony, smoothness and accuracy. Due to the unbelievable performance of the drivers, the Alpha can play inconceivably high sound pressure levels and still act with full precision and control. Convince yourself by listening to this masterpiece of loudspeaker construction!


The Divine Alpha is built around the fantastic C173-T6-090 midrange driver, one of the best midrange driver from the German high-end driver manufacturer Accuton. It is usually used in only the best and most expensive high-end speakers in the world. The tweeter is also made by Accuton and is one of the best ceramic dome tweeters available today. These two high-end drivers are supported by two excellent 10"  customized aluminum bass drivers from SEAS.

Sound Tuning

The highly complicated frequency filter network provides the ability to adjust the level of the tweeter and the 2 woofer and adapt in this way the entire speaker not only to the space, but also to your personal preference.Further adjustments can be done by using the 2 supplied plugs for the bass reflex tubes to close the housing of the Divine Alpha for even better precision. Divine Alpha is also prepared for active drive. You can by-pass the passive crossover and use it as a 3-ways active speaker system.


The housing of the Divine Alpha consists of several layers of MDF with a thickness of up to 90mm so it achieves a highly rigid structure. As additional support, the convex sidewalls keep resonances inside the cabinet to a minimum. Furthermore, the effective damping material that is used helps to award the Alpha its unique superiority. The housing consists of several chambers in order to provide the respective drivers with optimum working conditions. Divine Alpha includes 4 very stable chromeplated aluminum spikes that are adjustable to be able to finetune the angle of the speaker to optimize the sound depending on the listening position.


Divine Alpha is covered in a perfectly polished piano black lacquer. This multilayered paint is a real work of art and emphasizes the perfect proportions of this outstanding speaker. The convex form of the Alpha provides numerous beautiful reflections around the speaker.


The connection terminal of the Divine Alpha includes crome tri-wiring connectors to provide a perfect fit for the speaker wire. Butterfly nuts made of brass ensure a perfect signal transmission. The internal cables are from Supra in Sweden produced for XTZ and consist of 99,99% pure copper.

Front Cover

All drivers of the Divine Alpha are protected by metal grill to avoid potential damage. The covers for the tweeter, the midrange driver and the bass drivers are permanently installed and optimally matched to the drivers. 

Further Information


We have chosen an ultra-fast ceramic tweeter (Cell C25-6-158), made for reproducing crystal clear sound, even at high SPL levels without any distortion. The tweeter is produced by the German company Accuton, and is an absolute reference class unit. It is shielded, with an internally damped cavity and a ventilated voice coil. The tweeter offers an extremely flat frequency response and a low resonance frequency.

Midrange Driver

XTZ Divine Alpha uses the Accuton C173N-T6-90, one of the best (if not the best) midrange driver in the world and can only be found in extreme High End loudspeakers. The C173N-T6-90 is a ceramic driver with a light cone, equipped with a neodymium magnet. The driver is extremely stiff and at the same time light, which contributes to the high sensitivity. The two black dots are far from a design gimmick. Accuton (Thiel & Partner) has put them there for a reason. They suppress a resonance from the cone. The Accuton driver offers the highest quality and highest resolution; this is the reason that this driver is put in the best speakers in the world.

Woofer Driver

As woofers we selected two aluminum 10” drivers from the Norwegian company SEAS which has been producing drivers for the last 60 years. These woofers where further developed together with SEAS and led to a perfectly customized version which is optimized exactly for the Divine Alpha's cabinet.We have add heavy copper ring above the T-shaped pole piece and a solid aluminum chromeplated phaseplug to reduce the non linear and modulation distortion and increase the overload margin. The woofer has a cone made out of pure aluminum. The molded metal basket is a "high flow" type that is acoustically transparent, offering high precision as the basket is shaped exactly thanks to the molding process. This makes sure that the basket is very stable and that it efficiently reduces resonances. The basket is absolutely non-magnetic, which contributes to the higher efficiency of the driver. A strong magnet combined with the light cone yields high efficiency and a good transient response. The gold-plated terminal reduces contact resistance and serves as an anti-corrosion coating. Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonances.

High Quality crossover

When XTZ produced the Divine Alpha a great deal of effort was put into designing the crossover filter. All passive components are of the highest possible quality to minimize the influence on the signal. We use an optimal selection of air wound coils (with low internal resistance) and coils with steel cores (these accept a high level of magnetic saturation), MKP capacitors and MOX resistors. The Divine crossover is basically a 3rd order filter for woofer and 4th order for the tweeter. The exceptionally good Accuton midrange driver led us to this solution. With this choosen roll-off, it contributes to both the low distortion and high powerhandling.

Sound Tuning

The Divine Alpha is equipped with XTZ’s Room Tuning concept which with simple settings can alter the speaker’s sound character. Inserting the two bass plugs into the vented holes opens up different options that will create three different bass variations in the sound. The terminal is equipped with switches that allow adjustment of the tweeter and the bass in 2 ways/levels.

Alpha is also prepared for active drive.You can by-pass the passive crossover and build up to 3-ways active speaker system.