Everyone who has ever listened to a true High-End speaker know the feeling to get really drawn into the engrossing soundstage and to feel every single emotion of a record. By using only the world’s best, superb drivers acting behind an ornate frequency crossover that consists of selected components, the Divine-Series offers this immersive experience. The tweeter as well as the midrange unit consist of pure ceramics to achieve a crystal clear and also smooth and balanced sound. These marvellous acoustic features go hand in hand with a flawless multilayer piano paint on the speaker’s extraordinary design. Feel the impact of this unblemished dream speakers.

  • Visaton ceramic driver
  • Accuton ceramic driver
  • SEAS longstroke bass driver
  • High-End crossover

  • Multi chamber cabinet design
  • Multilayer gloss black finish
  • Metal covers for the drivers
  • Room Tuning adjustments
Audioholics (USA)
AREA DVD (Germany)
Hifi & Musik (Sweden)
Avmentor.gr (Greece)
HiFi & Musik (Sweden)
Home Theater Shack (USA)
Ljud & Bild (Sweden)
Hi-Fi (China)