"We rarely give Awards, but we would like to be quoted for "10/10 for the price" - XTZ Earphone 12 is a little gem - and it's affordable." 

-  Kim Olsen, Nerds.dk

EarPhone - 12

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Earphone 12

The idea behind this project was not only to create a good earphone, maybe with an excellent price/quality ratio, but to build something revolutionary, something that expresses our passion for music and technologyThe in-ear headphones have been developed using the best technology throughout. In addition to the excellent membrane used, they have been optimized in many other areas. A particular focus of the earphone lies in its ability to perfectly hide ambient noise so you can enjoy your music undisturbed, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Of course, the great look of the EarPhone 12 comes from its clean, metallic design while its comfort comes from the ergonomic engineering we undertook to complete these small engineering wonders. We were even able to solve the perpetually frustrating problem of having to sort out a tangled cord. The two earphones are each magnetic on their backs so they attach together perfectly. The cable is particularly impressive itself in that it unravels literally on its own and without any help. This is made possible by its flat design and combined with the cord’s low friction. The frustration and difficulties experienced when using traditional earphones become a thing of the past.

Further Information about the Dirac Audio Processor can be found here: http://www.xtzsound.eu/shop/eu/accessories-/dirac-audio-processor

Frequency response (amplitude)

Typical earphone measurement

XTZ EarPhone-12 measurement

Impulse response (time domain)

Typical earphone measurement

XTZ EarPhone-12 measurement