"Master M2 is certainly one of the most impressive bookshelf speakers I ever had a chance to listen to. With Master M2, XTZ delivers a bookshelf speaker that truly deserves the "high end" label"

- Pierre Dubarry, Audio Video HD -

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Master M2 - Harmony and accuracy in its best shape

The Master M2 is not only a revolutionary speaker with respect to its cabinet but also its drivers which are used to create its magically smooth and precise sound. To achieve the best possible inner damping, the cabinet of the M2 is made from a high density polymer leading to an overall weight of 17 kg for this compact speaker. The tweeter is an excellent silk dome and it is complemented by a mid-bass driver from the famous Excel line of SEAS. Its material is called "Curv®" which is interwoven polypropylene to provide the best possible listening experience. Together, both drivers create an absolutely accurate and natural sound that is praised by both customers and audio reviewers alike.


Thanks to its elaborate waveguide system, in the middle of which a 30 mm silk dome tweeter is operating, the Master M2 reproduces the high frequencies with a high degree of accuracy and natural sound. The mid-bass driver originates from the high-end SEAS Excel series and was improved further by work done together with the engineers of SEAS. Curv® is a specially developed membrane material that has maximum rigidity yet is lightweight and therefore has the ideal properties and excellent transient response we seek in a high-end speaker.

Sound Tuning

The two supplied bass reflex plugs provide an opportunity to ideally match the Master M2 to your room’s acoustic characteristics and your personal taste. If the massive plug is used, the Master plays with unsurpassed precision in the bass and lower midrange. On the other hand, if the tunnel-shaped bass reflex plugs are used, the speaker will produce maximum, deep bass. Conversely, if a punchier kick bass is preferred, the M2 should be operated open without any plugs in the bass reflex tube.


Instead of a classical MDF housing, the Master M2 was poured from high-strength epoxy resin. The acoustic characteristics of this extremely heavy material provide the highest damping and minimal resonances. This effect is further improved by the extraordinary design of the cabinet. Thanks to the exact coordination of housing volume and drivers, the M2 masters even the most difficult passages with ease and maximum control.


The M2 is available in a shiny black multilayer coating which is applied in a very complicated process and then carefully polished. The curved casing form allows light to reflect off it, making the speaker look even more distinguished.


The connection terminal is gold-plated to minimize the transmission resistance. By removing the jumpers, the separate connectors for the mid-bass driver and the tweeter will support bi-wiring and bi-amping. In addition, the smooth-running and extremely stable screw terminals guarantee a secure grip and an optimal connection for your speaker cable or banana plugs.

Front Cover

The grill of the Master M2 is equipped with magnets. The acoustic material used is opaque and 100% transparent to sound. It protects the drivers from potential damage without compromising sound quality.

Further Information


We choose a high performance, 30 mm soft dome tweeter that works perfectly for demanding high frequency audio applications.The low resonance frequency and high power handling makes this dome the ideal tweeter for 2-way speakers, where standard t weeters will not do.  The usage of dual neodymium magnets as power house ensures an almost perfect magnetic screening for demanding applications. The low distortion and the smooth and extended frequency response combine extreme details and dynamics into making this dome perfectly match the midwoofer. To further optimize this tweeter we use a waveguide that not only increases sensitivity and lowers distortion. The perfectly matched waveguide is optimized to offer a perfect dispersion pattern all over the high frequency range.It has been developed to achieve the perfect balance between optimal energy dispersion, optimized crossover point and best high frequency performance. The best possible compromise between dispersion, efficiency and distortion. This makes adapting the speaker to various listening rooms very easy.

Midrange / Woofer Driver
Midrange / Woofer Driver

The new 6.5" Curv midrange / woofer-driveris a development cooperation between SEAS and XTZ. This drivers is step in the evolution of one of the world’s most successful high-end mid-woofers, the famous Seas Excel line. The new Curv® cone, a woven polypropylene cone with excellent internal damping together with perfectly matched moving parts guarantees a smooth and extended frequency response with lowest distortions up to the higher midrange. Curv® is a novel material made from Polypropylene that combines the versatility of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fiber reinforced composite. High stiffness, high tensile strength and outstanding impact resistance at low density are the remarkable properties of this material. We combine the Curv cone with a special, natural rubber surround reducing suspension and edge resonances to the minimum. The magnet system is equipped with heavy copper rings and a solid copper phase plug, which reduce flux modulation and eddy current distortion. Further, the power handling capacity is increased. The extremely stiff and stable injection molded metal basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. 


The crossover is an advanced Linkwitz/Riley type with 12 dB/octave slope for the midrange and 18 dB/octave slope for the tweeter, which offers minimal phase shifting and good transient response. The filter uses MOX resistors, air wound coils and top notch capacitors from Mundorf. The internal cabling is realized in 99.99% pure copper wire, which guarantees highest signal transparency. To reduce skin effects and interferences we use several twisted cables for each conductor.

Room Tuning

The Master M2 is a 2-way speaker with a bass reflex cabinet where you also can block the bass reflex port with the supplied foam plugs. This to alter the lower boundary frequency.

Bass reflex
With no plug present in the port you have a higher bass level and more alert bass reproduction. The bass is not as deep as the bass reflex, low mode.

Bass reflex low
With the low resonance bass plug mounted in the bass reflex port, the cabinet is a bass reflex construction. The low frequency resonance is at it its lowest point with a flat bass reproduction.

Sealed port
With the full bass plug mounted in the bass reflex port, the cabinet is closed and the loudspeaker operates as a closed construction. This yields a more ”tight” bass reproduction and smoother roll off.