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Spirit SUB 12 - Breathtaking bass with highest accuracy

Spirit SUB 12 was constructed as a powerful yet precise subwoofer with an excellent finish. Due to its very stiff and at the same time light 12" membrane, it is capable to perform any impulse with maximumm fidelity. The 400W amplifier ensures enough power at any time and is very efficient due to the special Class-D technology. But Spirit SUB 12 is not only a great choice for home cinemas. It also convinces in stereo operation due to the punchy and precise bass. Since the subwoofer offers several room tuning possibilities, it can always be adjusted to the room acoustics or personal preferences.


The 12" long stroke driver which is used for Spirit SUB 12 originates our development center and is optimized for a perfect stiffness-weight-ratio. Due to the strong magnet system and the 400W amplifier, the subwoofer can perform large deflections with highest accuracy. Spirit SUB 12 achieves an even frequency response over its whole frequency range. The spider is ventilated to avoid any compression effect.

Sound Tuning
Sound Tuning

On the backside of the subwoofer there is a switch located which provides three different equalizer settings to adjust the sound of the woofer. It is possible to increase the kickbass or to compensate for a placement near the wall by reducing the deep bass. Furthermore Spirit SUB 12 is equipped with two bass reflex ports which can be closed with the attached plugs to alter the basic characteristics of the subwoofer.


The massive construction with a 25mm thick front baffle made from MDF and at least 18mm thick side walls contribute strongly to the high weight of the Spirit SUB 12. In combination with the additional stifffeners and the huge amount of damping material which is used inside the cabinet, the resonances are reduced to an absolute minimum. Thus the drivers can work under ideal cirumstances and play with highest precision due to the low reverberation inside the cabinet.


Due to the available matte black and matte white high quality multilayer painting, the Spirit SUB 12 integrates easily in every living area. The surface of the subwoofer is polished ornately to achieve a perfect finish. Despite its size the subwoofer appears to be a perfectly processed piece of furniture.


The terminal on the backside offers the connection via mono or stereo rca cable. It also features a high-level-input which is helpful when the amplifier is not featuring any specific subwoofer output. Furthermore it is possible to configure volume, phase and crossover frequency on the terminal. The knob for the choice of equalizer is also located here.

Front Cover
Front Cover

The pluggable cover protects the drivers on the one hand from dust and on the other from possible damage. To ensure perfect sound transmisssion, the cover is sound transparent and does not have any influence on the sound of the speaker. For the white subwoofer, a white cover is offered while the black version comes with a black cover.

Bass driver

The membrane of the woofer driver of Spirit SUB 12 consists of a long fiber pulp mixture which ensures an optimum stiffness-weight ratio. This very special material has been developed and improved over years to offer perfect properties to reproduce any impulse as authentical as possible. Even at long strokes, this membrane materal suppresses partial oscillation effectively. The complex magnet system provides a linear stroke over the whole range which leads to nearly perfect piston movement and thus highest impulse fidelity. Due to that strong drive, the subwoofer features its linear deep bass and the high SPL capability. Since the resoncance frequency of the driver is very high, Spirit SUB 12 is able to perform linear and natural over its whole frequency range. Even the rubber surround has been optimized on the driver to minimize resonances and at the same time ensure its long stroke abilities. A high temperature voice coil and optimized drive structure ensures a very high powerhandling. All these features enable the Spirit SUB 12 to perform extremely precise but still with lots of power for maximum music and home cinema pleasure.

Class-D Amplifier

To perform strongest impulses acurately, Spirit SUB 12 features a high performance amplifier in Class-D technology which originates from our famous SUB 17 series. This amplifier is very efficient which leads to a low energy consumption. The continous power of 200W and peak power of 400W ensure a perfect drive for the woofer driver. Due to a specially developed pcb layout, the amplifier provides a nearly perfect clipping characteristics. This leads to a very high headroom and thus a great impulse fidelity even of complex signals. The heat removal takes place on the terminal plate on the backside whereby no external cooling fins are necessary.

Sound Tuning

To perfectly adjust the Spirit SUB 12 to the prevailing room acoustics and the personal taste, the subwoofer features several room tuning possibilities. Beside the equalizer which can be chosen on the backside, the plugs which are attached can be used to close the bassreflex ports. Thus the basic characteristics of the woofer can be optimized to your current situation. All these possibilities are described in detail in the following paragraph:


Gives an extended frequency response for the deepest bass, however care should be taken to ensure the lower frequencies are not over represented and “muddy”, depending on the room geometrics, placement of the sub and listening position (reverberation).

EQ 1
Is a direct countermeasure to the “muddy” bass problem of over represented low bass/room gain. By lowering the bass extension, the bass will be more controlled.

EQ 2
Stores more energy a bit higher in the frequency, resulting in a punchier, fast bass.

Port Tuning - High frequency ( 1 )

With no plugs in the ports the subwoofer will provide a “quick” and “punchy” bass character. It will produce increased output higher up in the frequency range.

Port Tuning -Mid frequency ( 2 )
If the left port is blocked and the right port is open, this will provide bass with an increased output in the mid-region.

Port Tuning - Low frequency ( 3 )
If the right port is blocked and the left port is open, this will provide deep bass with increased output in the lower frequencies.

Port Closed ( 4 )
With both ports blocked the sealed box will provide a dry and controlled bass character.