"With excellent sound and nearly unrivaled finish, makes the Tune 4 a perfect choice not only for your desk."

- Martin Sowa, Lite-Magazin - 

TUNE 4 Matte Black

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Tune 4 - Active speakers with maximum flexibility

TUNE  4 is an active compact speaker system with a focus on performance and convenience. To achieve this, the amplifier is integrated in the speaker itself, making the TUNE 4 very flexible and easy to manage. The amplifier offers all the inputs you need; an analogue input, a digital input and also the latest used Bluetooth™ 4.0 with AptX® technology, providing versatile wireless streaming and CD quality sound. Furthermore, the Tune 4 comes with Apps for PC and mobile devices that optimize the frequency and impulse response to further optimize the sound. It also offers 6 presets to customize the sound to your preference.


With a power rating of 2 x 50W, the amplifier of this active speaker has good headroom to easily supply the drivers and ensure high dynamics. The silk dome tweeter of the Tune 4 is designed as a waveguide, resulting in a more controlled dispersion characteristic, higher efficiency and less distortion. The midrange driver is running as a special C-Cone chassis with a very strong magnet to enable maximum accuracy. In conjunction with the tweeter it provides a very good transient response and thus a very precise sound and great soundstage.

Sound Tuning

The Tune 4 has far-reaching sound customization possibilities. There is a free Dirac Audio Processor DSP software, which further improves the transient response of the loudspeaker for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The software provides 6 DSP curves to adjust the sound to the room and to personal taste (DSP correction is done at the source device and not in the Tune 4). With the accompanying plug for bass reflex tube moreover, the bass characteristics can be adjusted.


The housing of the Tune 4 is provided with a plurality of reinforcements made of MDF, whereby a high stability and low internal resonances can be achieved. The loudspeaker has an inclined baffle for optimized sound distribution and desktop use. The drivers are attached from the inside of the speaker to provide a clean look without any exterior surface disturbing elements. Due to the off-center position of the tweeter, edge dispersions are avoided. When used at ear level, the Tune 4 can be placed in an upright position with an extra foot which is supplied.


The Tune 4 is available both in matte black and matte white and thus is easy to integrate in any surrounding. Both paints are applied in several layers and then polished to achieve a perfect finish. The slightly rounded edges of the housing further enhance this effect.


The generously executed connection terminal of the master box allows connection via Bluetooth ™ (4.0 with aptX®) or connection using either an analogue cable (3.5 mm jack) or digital cable (S / PDIF, optical). In addition to the inputs the terminal includes also gold plated terminal screws (connection to slave box), a subwoofer output (RCA) and a USB charging port (DC 5V, 250mA).

Further Information


The tweeter which is used in the Tune 4 is a silk dome in waveguide design. The waveguide on the one hand increases the efficiency of the tweeter and on the other hand optimizes the despersion pattern for the intended use. The tweeter has an integrated self-protection against damage and resets itself into its original shape after gentle pressing. To avoid edge dispersions effectively, the tweeter is mounted eccentrically.


The mid-bass driver of the Tune 4 is a 4" driver with extremely strong magnets. The membrane consists of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, an stiffness optimized polymer. Thanks to its low weight and the very high resonant frequency, this material is ideal for use in the Tune 4. Its surrounding consists of specially developed rubber to ensure a deep lower frequency limit. 


The tune 4 offers all the inputs you need. The analog input really makes it universal for all kinds of music sources and the digital optical input to connect your music device direct to the heart of the electronics. However, cords can be a hassle, especially when you move around with your music source. To make this easier, the TUNE 4 speaker rocks the latest Bluetooth™ 4.0 with AptX® technology, making your wireless streaming versatile while still maintaining CD-quality.


The TUNE 4 is an active speaker; in other words, it has the amplifier built in to the cabinet of the speaker. Just connect the supplied power cord and connection cable to begin listening to your favorite music. The amplifier features a USB charging port for your mobile or Chromecast Audio for a multi room solution.

Remote Control
Remote Control

The TUNE 4 is provided with an all-aluminum remote control, CNC milled from a solid block of aluminum. The remote lets you have control of all the TUNE 4 features with wireless ease.

DSP technology from Dirac Research

Dirac Research owns the market’s most advanced technology in digital sound processing (DSP) and consequently it´s used by several luxury brands like BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc. The advanced algorithm DSP uses optimizes both frequency response (amplitude) and impulse response (time domain). Applying Dirac’s DSP optimization, the result is an impressively balanced and flawless sound, which can be described as breathtaking.

Frequency response optimization
(Graphic Example)

Impulse response optimization
(Graphic Example)

Dirac DSP app for iOS

With the XTZ Player App for iOS, it’s easy to have control over the DSP modes on the fly. Simply launch the App for instant access to your music library and six preset listening modes. You can also use Tune 4 without the App for wireless audio access to podcasts, music services, and video content.

DSP app for Android

The app is a music player that plays all the famous formats so that you can play your music collection at the quality that you are used to. The Appp provides six preset listening modes and includes a streaming service provided by 8tracks.com, a great way to discover new music. Whatever you play through the app is supported by the DSP algorithm a tailor made sound for TUNE 4.

(DAP) Dirac Audio Processor for PC / MAC

Get better sound from your computer with the Dirac Audio Processor (DAP). This software cleverly tricks your computer into believing that the DAP is a normal sound device so all audio, regardless of where it’s coming from, gets sent though Dirac’s DSP. It then gets forwarded to your “real” sound card / device and out comes beautiful sound, especially tweaked for your XTZ product. The DAP appears as a simple window on your desktop and allows you to easily pick your favorite sound character depending on your preference, mood and the type of music you’re listening to.

Further Information about the Dirac Audio Processor can be found here: