Spirit 11 - StereoPluss 1/17 (Norway)

February 18 - 2017

"XTZ Spirit 11 plays well above expectations, and marks a new level of quality in the price range below 8.000 NOK. They sound entertaining and engaging and together with a reasonable amplifier you are only one purchase away from an amazing listening experience. Suddenly XTZ was the reason why all the other manufacturers of speakers must sharpen up yet little extra, get up very early in the morning and come up with new stuff that plays even better. They also did well, but right now I can not see others who completely manage to compete with Spirit 11 at this price."
- Håvard Holmedal

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Tune 4 - Lautsprecher-Junkie (Germany)

January 05 - 2017

"Even at a low volume, you're almost in the middle of the action, and the basic design of the Tune 4 is also very good at low volume, with a warm and precise bass. It is a very pleasant and unobtrusive sound picture, which is further refined and optimized with the DSP settings "On Wall" or "On Desk". Then the software can be used to slow down the bass or to modify the run times for the table reflection, which can definitely be heard and the difference is impressive."
- Maik Dahles

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Cinema 1X12 - Sound & Vision (USA)

December 30 - 2016

"Given the SUB 1X12’s hulking presence, I couldn’t resist cueing up a few favorite bass cows. The opening of Hall & Oates’ classic “She’s Gone” bloomed with 30-Hz deliciousness, while the finale of the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony was in-the-hall awesome, and my few, in-the-name-of-science dub-step tracks indeed proved a dentist’s best friend. 

Even at reference level in my substantial-volume studio, the XTZ sub had no problem presenting Max’s most impressive impacts and explosions (of which there are many) with full effect and nary a trace of limiting or overreach."
- Daniel Kumin

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

December 20 - 2016

"The XTZ offer a perfect performance in almost all criteria, but their greatest talent is that they reproduce music wonderfully homogeneously. The clean reproduction of sound colours, which clearly shows every instrument, intertwines with high localization, resulting in a tremendously authentic overall impression. Similar synergies arise from tonal neutrality and resolution. Both - in each case to a large extent - do not sound cool or analytical, but simply correct."
- Martin Mertens

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Hemmabio (Sweden)

December 13 - 2016

"With its sturdy and almost austere appearance XTZ gives a very solid impression. It is conveniently, well built, not too expensive and also sounding with a high entertainment factor. Actually, there is nothing to complain on, we surrender and give two solid Thumbs up! Although I liked the 95 series and although I call myself a reactionary, I think the Spirit is a major step forward in the development for XTZ."
- Thomas Odeltorp

+ Well built and good concept
+ Accurate and smooth sound
- In this price range - nothing!

Tune 4 - Hifi & Musik (Sweden)

November 27 - 2016

"As usual, I started listening to heavy psychedelic trance music and directly got a mild shock over the high sound pressure which these small speakers can deliver. Reverberation is dark and the bass performance really impressive. Placed on a desk in a not too large room, the Tune 4 provide lots of joy and energy."
- Johan Ahlström, Hifi & Musik nr 12/2016

Tune 4 - Techtest.org (Germany)

November 01 - 2016

"Tune 4 is a premium speaker for sophisticated demands. Thus they play very natural and detailed what is very convincing especially when playing challenging music. They are not effect-speakers which try to convince by an exaggerated bass level. It is perfect for users who value detailes and balanced sound."
- Michael Barton

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Spirit Series - Zhuhai (China)

October 20 - 2016

"The new Spirit series is made for people who appreciate the true quality of music and movies. It is like real sound, which gives you the feeling to really be in the center of the event. Gripping bass as well as accurate mid and treble, are the strengths of the Spirit Series. The use of in-house developed and optimized high-quality drivers in neatly manufactured cabinets, with a great finish, is unique in this price range and even provides a larger number of audiences to enjoy the natural and balanced sound of XTZ speakers."

Tune 4 - Hörerlebnis (Germany)

October 16 - 2016

"With Tune 4, XTZ has really presented a powerful speaker in the compact speaker class. For the price you can build a small, fine high-end system, which can grow with increasing demands. Do not forget: The amplifier electronics is already included in the price. There is also a wide range of possible applications. It's just like a product of the now time from Cupertino, California. And as already described, like an espresso: small, strong and black - refreshing and rich in content."
- Andreas Limbach

Tune 4 - 99mac (Sweden)

October 13 - 2016

"The ultimate test for new speakers or headphones is usualliy if i get excited to go through my muisc library again and listen through every track with the new equpiment. This emerged fully when i listen to the TUNE 4 speakers, which shows the high quality of the speakers."
-Jakob Nilsson, 99mac

+ Flexible format, easy to place
+ Lots of inputs
+ Great sound
- No support for Airplay or Spotify Connect
- Simple app

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Tune 4 - Les Numeriques (France)

September 22 - 2016

"The XTZ Tune 4 is an excellent compact and powerful speaker for music lovers." The Tune 4 is a versatile loudspeaker for all hifi applications, despite the slight reductions in the possible connections (Wi-Fi application, USB, remote control). "
-Benoît Campion

+ Warm, musical sound
+ Wide sound stage
+ Compact and powerful
+ Solid construction
+ Many connections for a stereo speaker
- slight distortion at high volume
- preferred good recording
- slightly tippy
- Remote control a little too small

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Headphone Divine - EAR IN (Germany)

August 29 - 2016

"Even without DSP support the Headphone Divine sounds absolutely convincing. Neutral without the popular bass boost, it provides a pleasantly balanced, transparent sound that has a lot to offer in terms of fine detail and dynamics. Whether actively driven via Bluetooth or passively via cable the headphone does a great job. With the DSP the sound is even better. "
- Martin Mertens

Tune 4 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

August 26 - 2016

"XTZ speakers have a surprisingly rich bass for such small elements. They sound definitely bigger than they look, and electronic pop music rhythms have good fullness and weight. "
- Lasse Svendsen

Divine 100.33 - Hifi-Statement (Germany)

June 06 - 2016

"The XTZ Divine 100.33 is  priced at High End beginners, sonically it is in a whole different league. The name Divine contributes as such because it manages to transport music and emotions powerfully and expressively. A real recommendation for ambitious hifi-lovers."
- Peter Banholzer

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99.25 LCR / SUB 8.17 - AREA DVD (Germany)

June 03 - 2016

"High-quality finish, first-class sound and favorable purchase price: XTZ offers with 99.25 and SUB 8.17 an all around successful 2.1 Ensemble." "For relatively low purchase price you receive a combination of the bookshelf speakers 99.25 and the active Sub 8.17 a powerful 2.1-ensemble that can shine with many strengths. The small subwoofer  is acoustically grown up and offers an wonderful sound. It acts precisely and supports the two 99.25 excellent. The good looking bookshelf speakers with their unibody design provide an impeccable detailing, a pleasant tonality and an authentic space. Overall an excellent, highly recommended combination. Since the subwoofer also has high-level connections,  a subwoofer preamp for integrationis not needed. The finish of the XTZ components convinced us as usual."

- Philipp Kind

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Headphone Divine - Graczofil (Poland)

June 01 - 2016

"To sum up: XTZ Divine is a versatile headphone. With a fairly compact design and Bluetooth connectivity, you can conveniently use their smartphone to travel well and alternatively also offeres wired connectivity through the classic mini-plug jack of 3.5 mm. In addition, they look good, they are well made and can carry on a conversation by telephone. I appreciate the sound quality also very positively. The price at the time of this review is 170. Is it worth it? If you are looking for a wireless headset with a high quality, it is definatly worth to buy it."
- Graczofil

+ Sound quality
+ Production quality
+ Case and accessories
+ DSP and Bluetooth
+ 14h battery

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Tune 4 - Graczofil (Poland)

May 30 - 2016

"Given the quality / price ratio, this is probably the best monitor pair I ever had the pleasure of testing."  "The XTZ TUNE 4 awards you with good sound, aesthetics and a nice finish."
- Graczofil

+ Product quality
+ Design
+ Bluetooth
+ Small but loud
+ Clean, clear sound
+ 5 years warranty
- Control only with the remote 

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99 Series Surround Set - hifitest.de (Germany)

May 25 - 2016

"Far from it, the floorstand speakers are giving even for acoustically most demanding material their best and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics. The Multi-channel system of 99.36, 99.25 and Sub 12.17 continues this virtues and so present different artists like Metallica (" Through the Never ") or Adele (" Live at the Royal Albert Hall ") perfectly. "
- Jochen Schmitt 

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Master M2 - HiFi & Musik (Sweden)

May 18 - 2016

"The speaker sounds phenomenal and is unique in its price range. It feels hard for me to write this review,  cause I just want to listen to this speaker all day long."
- Thomas Odeltor

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Cinema Series - Home Cinema Choice (UK)

May 18 - 2016

"You can probably tell I'm in love with this system. If you think I've got carried away, I can only suggest you have a listen yourself. At this price, few speakers emulate the feeling of sonic immersion quite like the XTZ. The additional Atmosphere speakers make the array a good match for modern setup. 5.1 fans shouldn't ignore the core models either." "We say: A superior-sounding movie-mad speaker system offering seriious value for money. Plenty of installation flexibility and solid construction. Not the prettiest of cabinets."
- Danny Phillips

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Tune 4 - Fairaudio (Germany)

May 09 - 2016

"In the low frequency range, the small active speakers deliver at first glance exactly what is needed at the envisaged application: Bass sound especially at close range and powerful - yes, exactly - deep."

- Nick Mavridis, Fairaudio

+ perfect for long playing
+ very precise in the heights without straining
+ really balanced midrange
+ voluminous bass for the size which can be adjusted for best precision and accuracy by using the supplied plugs
+ easy adaption to the surrounding due to the DSP-Software
+ very fair price-performance ratio

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Cinema Series - Sound & Vision (USA)

May 03 - 2016

"While I’ve saved it for the end, I did notice that the XTZ setup is, at nearly $5,500, expensive. XTZ sells direct to consumer, though, and with a generous home-trial period, free return shipping, and the Cinema series’ quality of componentry, construction, and performance, there’s value here nonetheless. Cost aside, XTZ’s Cinema is a very impressive home theater setup. I can’t see recommending it for a music-first layout, but I doubt that most such system- builders would be interested anyway—though this Swedish layout is still a very able music reproducer. For a serious projection room install based on an acoustically transparent screen, a genre that tends to be fairly price-insensitive anyway, I think this system is just about ideal."

- Daniel Kumin

+ Very dynamically capable, with high power handling, high output
+ Solidly integrated front stage 
+ Impressive subwoofer output and extension
+ Flexible “tripole” surround speakers
- Slightly forward tonal balance (but perfect for behind-screen placement)
- Pricey

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Sub 12.17 - AVMagazine (Italy)

May 02 - 2016

"In conclusion, there is no question we have two subwoofers I really like. The construction, the upstream design of the speakers and all the possibilities offered by the DSP and amplifier are remarkable.  You better keep an eye on this brand that knows what they want and know how to get it. The price of the two subwoofers are very tempting and if XTZ continues with this policy you will hear a lot more about them." 
- Gian Piero Matarazzo

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Sub 10.17 - AVMagazine (Italy)

May 02 - 2016

"In conclusion, there is no question we have two subwoofers I really like. The construction, the upstream design of the speakers and all the possibilities offered by the DSP and amplifier are remarkable.  You better keep an eye on this brand that knows what they want and know how to get it. The price of the two subwoofers are very tempting and if XTZ continues with this policy you will hear a lot more about them." 
- Gian Piero Matarazzo

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Tune 4 - The Audiophile Man (UK)

April 27 - 2016

"Perfect for the beginner looking to create a neat, low footprint, system, those in a small flat with space problems, the experienced user looking for a second system or for the music fan looking for easy of use and convenience, the Tune 4s offer the perfect choice. "

- Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man

+ feature count
+ big sound from a small chassis
+ admirable overall sound quality
+ ease of use
+ price
- nothing

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