An outstanding mixture of clean and timeless but still exciting design and exquisite drivers, that is probably the best way to describe the 99-Series. Due to the absolutely flawless and perfectly polished finish, the speakers are an ornament for every listening room. But it’s not only the outer values which make these speakers a unique offering, it’s the use of absolute premium drivers with best properties for natural and precise sound. The high-end ribbon tweeter from Fountek belongs to the best of its trade. In combination with the SEAS Excel Magnesium mid/bass driver in the 99.36 and 99.25 and our own custom midbass Driver in the 95.22, the 99-Series creates a magical soundstage with extraordinary accuracy.

  • High-End Fountek ribbon tweeter
  • SEAS excel magnesium cone drivers
  • SEAS longstroke bass driver
  • Crossover with high-end components
  • Optimized cabinet design
  • High quality multilayer paint finish
  • Magnetic mount front covers
  • Various Room Tuning adjustments
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AREA DVD (Germany)
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