Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last updated: 2018-05-24

What are cookies and how do they work??

A cookie is about a small text file sent from the web server and saved by the visitor's browser. The information includes, among other things, how the browser ended up on the website, if there are products in the cart, which version of browsers was used as well as information about the different websites visited.

What do we use cookies for?

XTZ Group Aktiebolag uses cookies for the following to work:

  1. Be able to add products to the cart
  2. Find out if members are logged in or not and/or if logged in via facebook
  3. Find out the selected shipping options for some shipping providers
  4. Keep track of which pages you visit
  5. Find out what type of device you are using Ex, Tablet, Smartphone, or Computer

All our collected statistics are used in anonymous and aggregated form.
This means that we do not provide information about individual users, but only traffic and traffic providers.

Information about Cookies

According to Swedish law regarding electronic communications, everyone should be informed if a website uses cookies.
By using our website, you consent to the handling of cookies that occur on the site.

Removal of Cookies

You can choose whether to accept local storage of data through the settings in your browser. Here you can specify whether you accept the storage of cookies from the web pages you visit, from third parties that are linked to the web pages and to be warned every time a cookie is saved.

The exact procedure depends on your device and which browser you are using.

Functional Cookies

You can not fully use our website if you do not accept any cookies at all.

  • You can read information and see pictures
  • You can look at products, see prices and related information
  • You can not sign in
  • You can not order
  • You can not add products to the cart

The cookies we use do not save any personal information and / or information related to the pages you visit.