Anyone who has ever listened to a true high-end speaker knows the feeling of being drawn into the engrossing soundstage produced by such speakers and how emotions are stirred just by listening to well reproduced sound. By using only the world’s best, superb drivers acting with an ornate frequency crossover that consists of carefully selected components, the Divine Series offers just such an immersive experience. The tweeter and the midrange unit consist of pure ceramics to achieve a crystal clear, smooth and balanced sound. These marvellous acoustic features go hand-in-hand with a flawless cabinet that features a multilayer piano paint finish to complete the speaker’s extraordinary design. Feel the impact of this ultimate dream speaker.

  • Visaton ceramic driver
  • Accuton ceramic driver
  • SEAS long stroke bass driver
  • High-end crossover

  • Multi-chamber cabinet design
  • Multi-layer gloss black finish
  • Metal covers for the drivers
  • Room tuning adjustments
Audioholics (USA)
AREA DVD (Germany)
Hifi & Musik (Sweden) (Greece)
HiFi & Musik (Sweden)
Home Theater Shack (USA)
Ljud & Bild (Sweden)
Hi-Fi (China)