Membership Policy

Terms of Membership Account

Last updated: 2018-05-24

1. Overview

1.1 The member account allows us to offer personalized offers, great service and simpler administration for our customers. The member account is linked to a login feature on our site that you sign up for, which means you can, among other things, save favorites and view your previous orders.

1.2 As logged in, you also get access to "Customer Pages" where you can manage the settings for your account.

1.3 To register as a member of us, you need to agree to these Terms for Membership.

2. Registration of Member Account

2.1 Having a member account is free of charge. To become a member of XTZ Group Aktiebolag, you must be 18 years old and have an e-mail address and a permanent mailing address. Both individuals and companies can create a member account.

2.2 The member account is personal and can not be transferred to another individual or other company. You are responsible for the purchases made with your login information. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you undertake not to disclose any username and password for any unauthorized person and responsible for ensuring that your username and password are securely stored so that unauthorized persons can not access the information. If you suspect unauthorized access to your password, change your password immediately and report your suspicion to XTZ Group Aktiebolag.

2.3 As a member you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provided is correct and complete. When changing your personal information, such as name, phone number or email address, you undertake to immediately notify XTZ Group Aktiebolag with correct information.

2.4 You become a member of a Member Account once you have approved these terms and registered in the XTZ Group Aktiebolags system and your member account has been opened through the XTZ Group Aktiebolag website. To confirm that the registration has been completed, XTZ Group Aktiebolag will send a confirmation by email to the address you entered.

2.5 As a member you are required to access the contents of the Membership Terms and Conditions and any changes to the Terms.

3. Processing of personal data

3.1 When you sign up for an account, XTZ Group Aktiebolag will process personal information about you. XTZ Group Aktiebolag, with organization number 556504-4947 and postal address GAMLA NISSASTIGEN 17, 314 41 Torup is responsible for processing your personal information. The processing is done according to XTZ Group Aktiebolags Privacy Policy which describes in detail how we collect, use, save and share your personal information.

4. Application and amendment of the terms

4.1 When buying, the XTZ Group Aktiebolags General Terms and Conditions apply. The Terms of Sale are not affected by these Terms of Service.

4.2 These terms and conditions of the Member Account apply at any time to the form and to the content published on the XTZ Group Aktiebolag website.

4.3 XTZ Group Aktiebolag is entitled at any time to change the Terms of Member Accounts and how offers are structured or provided. If the Terms of Membership Terms change, the updated terms will be published on the XTZ Group Aktiebolag website. In addition, you will be informed that the terms have changed the next time you log in to your Member Account. If you do not want to accept the changed terms, you can terminate your member account by contacting customer support, see the contact details at the bottom of these terms.

4.4 In addition to mandatory legislation, XTZ Group Aktiebolag is not responsible for any losses (including lost benefits or inferior benefits) as a result of changes to these terms and XTZ Group Aktiebolag is also in no way obligated to replace the member or third party for such losses.

6. Validity and account termination

6.1 Your member account is valid until further notice.

6.2 You can terminate your membership at any time by contacting customer service. Contact information for customer service is at the bottom of these terms. At the end of your account, any offers and discounts will expire. In addition, any personal data collected and processed to fulfill these account terms is deleted. However, even after your account has been terminated, XTZ Group Aktiebolag may need to process some of your personal data for other purposes, such as compliance with our legal obligations. Learn more about what purposes we process your personal information in XTZ Group Aktiebolags privacy Policy .

6.3 XTZ Group Aktiebolag reserves the right to immediately terminate your member account for suspicion of abuse or inappropriate use of the member account or other improper conduct. Misuse refers to, inter alia, breach of these terms, registration of incorrect contact details, fraud or fraudulent searches, and forgery, alteration, sale or unauthorized transfer of documents, such as discount codes or vouchers, to another person.

7. Disputes

Any dispute concerning a Member Account that has not been settled by agreement between the parties shall be settled under Swedish law and by the Swedish court. In order to resolve the dispute outside the court, the member may apply to Allmänna reklamationsnämnden with address Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, , in so far as the board is competent to examine the matter.

8. Contact details

If you have questions about your holding of a member account or if you want to cancel your member account, please contact us by phone or email as below.

Company Name: XTZ Group Aktiebolag
Company ID: 556504-4947
ZIP code & City: 314 41 Torup
Phone number: +46(0)345-20049
E-Mail: [email protected]