ATTENTION: Price is per speaker

The XTZ 99 Series Beryllium tweeter upgrade kit consists of a new filter with High End Mundorf components and the very best Beryllium tweeter from Norwegian SEAS. 

 Tweeter info: SEAS T29B001

Components info: Mundorf SUPREMEⓇ

Guide for Upgrade: Installation Manual

Matched to fit XTZ 99.25 and 99.26. Also fits XTZ 99.36, but requires cable length modification. Matched to fit regardless if it is MKI, MKII, FLR or LCR.

A small group of early adopters have already got the chance to try this beryllium kit and their response was as expected, very positive. Here are some statements from two audio forums.

"An upgrade kit with a price higher than the speakers does undoubtedly creates some expectations, but XTZ delivers (as usual ...), this is really good!" "…the sound goes from 2D to 3D, all of a sudden there's a room behind the speakers where the instruments are accurately placed." – kpax,

“The overall sound is wider, it seems to come "out" of the speaker better. By direct comparison, the MKII sounds like it has a blanket over it.” “Is it worth the money? Yes! I am very happy with the upgrade so far.” –rickardl,

“When it dawned on me how much I had paid for the upgrade I was starting to get a bit worried that maybe the cost over the upgrade would not be worth it, however having just watched my first film with them I am totally blown away.”  – zunglam,