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"The XTZ 95.22 has not only beautiful appearance, designed tobetter meet the minimalist home environment demand for its thin thickness of the box,it is also easy to use. It makes a perfect partner with a flat-panel TV to create a greatsound atmosphere but still a cost-effective speaker with excellent performance."

-Super AV - 

99-series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

August 04 - 2015

"Performance way above its price range"    "...here we have the speaker bargin of the year!"    "100 percent home run"

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio

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95.22 - Super AV (China)

December 17 - 2013

"The XTZ 95.22 has not only beautiful appearance, but also designed to perfectly fit in minimalist home environment. It makes a perfect partner with a flat-panel TV to create a great sound atmosphere but still a cost-effective speaker with excellent performance."

-Super AV

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At last it's over with cheap subwoofers which where only creating some boomy and loud bass but never with quality.
Previously I had two large floorstanding speakers from Magnat which also had a nice bass performance but they cannot compete with the 10.17.
I am really surprised what this, relatively small subwoofer can do in the deep bass. It really plays extremely deep and accurate, I love it.
It does a really great job, also with low volume.
I operate the sub along with 5 95.22 and this combination is really doing a great job in my home cinema. Movies are realistic and it is even great to listen to concerts. I bought the 95.22 because auf the ribbon tweeter and was really curious how good the ribbon would be in this rather cheap speaker. The smootheness of the tweeter is really great and also the richness of the sound.
5/5 stars!
I ordered the 95.22 after a comparison with the Heco Celan GT 102F which are much more expensive. The 95.22 were playing even more precise in the higher frequencies and with same quality in the bass. Since they are also laquered and, to be honest, I've never seen a better finish at a speaker than this one, I decided clearly for the XTZ since they offer more for the money in my opinion.
My system consists of 4 95.22 and 1 95.33 center. The 95.22 perform really great, especially if you consider the size of these speakers. The tweeter does a great job but also the bass is quite nice. In combination, these 4 surround speakers create a really good atmosphere with lots of details in the sound. Together with the strong 95.33 center which really plays voices in a perfect way, this is a great surround setup for the price! Full recommendation!
I bought the 95.22 to compement a home cinema with two 99.36 and a 99.25 center since I do not have the space to place two more 99.25 as surround speakers. In my opinion, the 95.22 match great with the 99 series. They play the surround effects very realistic and I cannot say that I miss anything in the sound. I especially like that they are very flat but still capable to play a quick and punchy bass.