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"I have never before seen such a quality level at this price level. Low pitched response goes deep, strong and quick, precise, perfectly readable over a large frequency range and adds a lot to the emotions that one could feel watching a movie or listening to music." 

- Nicolas Bécuwe, HDfever - 

SUB 10.17 - (Germany)

June 12 - 2017

"With the 99.25 speakers and the 10.17 subwoofer, XTZ has a combo in the portfolio that is fun without ever losing the seriousness. A perfect lacquer finish, high-quality connection panels and many possibilities of sound adjustment are not common in this price class. The subwoofer offers a tremendous performance, the built-in DSP and the sophisticated bass reflex adjustments are a clear statement towards the competitors at a price of just under 550 euros."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Very high quality workmanship / material choice
+ Optical appearance / paint quality
+ Installed technology / technical equipment
+ Sound adjustments / sound
- Nothing

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Sub 10.17 - AVMagazine (Italy)

May 02 - 2016

"In conclusion, there is no question we have two subwoofers I really like. The construction, the upstream design of the speakers and all the possibilities offered by the DSP and amplifier are remarkable.  You better keep an eye on this brand that knows what they want and know how to get it. The price of the two subwoofers are very tempting and if XTZ continues with this policy you will hear a lot more about them." 
- Gian Piero Matarazzo

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SUB 10.17 - AREA DVD (Germany)

February 04 - 2016

"The XTZ 10.17 is an absolut worthy replacement to the successful 16er series. Like its predecessors, the bass emitter of the Swedish speaker factory has an superior price/performance ratio. The compact woofer with 10 " chassis excites with precision , punch and depth. In music he is acting discreetly supportive, but simultaneously deployed. In home cinema he shows a true bass extravaganza with a high emphasis. Sound adjustments are possible using the supplied bass reflex plugs and three integrated EQ curves."

- Philipp Kind, AREA DVD

+ Extremely deep bass
+ High precision and power
+ Room-tuning possibilities with EQ and bass-reflex ports
+ Great variety of inputs
+ Excellent finish
+ High quality materials
+ Outstanding price/performance ratio
- Cover is not easy to mount

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SUB 10.17 - HDfever (France)

January 26 - 2016

"Reference -Award"    Score: 10/10    "XTZ have established a new reference at affordable price."     "I have never before seen such a quality level at this price level."    "sublime and devastating bass. Low pitched response goes deep, strong and quick, precise, perfectly readable over a large frequency range, and adds a lot to the emotions that one could feel watching a movie or listening to music. "    "Talking of the quality of XTZ bass is talking about musicality, really."   "A true and complete success"

- Nicolas Bécuwe, HDfever

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I use it in a living room of 20m2 coupled with RX-900 & Focal Aria since 3 weeks.After many tests I prefer to used in closed mode to not have an uncontrollable sound level.
I also note that the sub requires a good RCA cable to play sound with more subtlety, in general, a good guarantee of quality.

- Build level
- bass quality & goes down low
- No lag or extend of the sound

- Auto power mode requires ~ 1 hour to go in standby after cut of the signal.
- Neighbours :)
- Very good output from a small box
- The bass quality is very good
- Nice quality finish
- Tuning options really helpful to adapt it to what are you listening and the room
- Club level output with both ports open in a small to medium room
- Overall a very good product so far (only had it and tested it for a few days)

- A variable subsonic filter would have been nice, some songs limit how much you can turn the volume up, due to over excursion on low frequencies, especially in closed mode. The EQ helps a little but not much. I managed to overcome this, as I play all audio from the PC, and used the free APO EQ, with a parametric equalizer set to -50 DB on 5Hz and 10Hz.
- Over excursion is present also above port tuning, so with frequencies that are below 30 Hz you must be very careful with the level of Gain set on the subwoofer.
- From what I tested, there is no limiter to prevent driver damage, so be carefull
Bought this for its great tuning possibilities.
My house is made of stone/concrete, also challenging material for acoustics.
I have been very pleased with sub 10.17 and will definitely recommend it.
I'm a sound engineer, and sound designer in France. I bought a pair of PSI A14 for monitoring and i was searching for a little sub to go with.

A friend told me about the 10.17 XTZ, so I read some reviews and order one.

I'm very impressed by all the possibilities of tuning this sub.

The sound is deep, precise, and alive.

I this range of price it's seems difficult to uave a better product !

Thank you !

Hello guys,

I replaced my XTZ 8.16 subwoofer with an 10.17 subwoofer. The old one 8.16 doesn't retired, it goes to an friend of mine, that is very happy now. He is happy but I'm so excited with my new 10.17 sub. I'll write more but for now just keep in mind that this one is an beast, it literally shake the room, but also can sustain an jazz song so beautiful from background... My neighbors are not very happy :)
I was in the market for a new sub for a while but did not find something that really worked for me until I stumbled on the 10.17. It really delivers both in terms of definition and power. Balances perfectly with my existing speakers all at a very reasonable price. Was a no brainer for me.
At last it's over with cheap subwoofers which where only creating some boomy and loud bass but never with quality.
Previously I had two large floorstanding speakers from Magnat which also had a nice bass performance but they cannot compete with the 10.17.
I am really surprised what this, relatively small subwoofer can do in the deep bass. It really plays extremely deep and accurate, I love it.
It does a really great job, also with low volume.
I operate the sub along with 5 95.22 and this combination is really doing a great job in my home cinema. Movies are realistic and it is even great to listen to concerts. I bought the 95.22 because auf the ribbon tweeter and was really curious how good the ribbon would be in this rather cheap speaker. The smootheness of the tweeter is really great and also the richness of the sound.
5/5 stars!
I own the following components from XTZ:
2 x 99.36 FLR
1 x 99.25 LCR Center
2 x 99.25 LCR
1 x 10.17

This is really an amazing surround set. I've heard lots of different surround sets before but only few and very expensive seem to be equal to mine concerning sound and finish of the speakers. The 99.36 are not only great in providing a cinema atmosphere but also for stereo application when listening to music. The tweeter is a real diamond, I love that smooth yet accurate sound with so many details. That is also the reason for me to choose the 99 series. Since the mids and treble are completely the same for 99.36 and 99.25, the set plays very harmonic and with a great surrounding stage. Since I like to listen to multichannel music, this is the perfect choice for me. The 99 center reproduces voices with perfect tonal balance and great clarity.
In the beginning, I listened to music without the 10.17 but in between, I love the bass which this little boy provides so much that I also use it for music. This is the first subwoofer which I ever had and which I like when listening to music. It is so precise in the background that it never gets annoying. It even helps the 99-speakers to play freely with maximum of details. When watching a movie, I love that deep and strong bass which the 10.17 is able to create. 5 / 5 stars for every single piece of the set!
I love strong bass in any type of music. However, the bass was always a bit too less at my conventional stereo speakers. This subwoofer has solved the problem. On the back there are knobs for bass volume, phase and crossover-frequency for optimum adjustment of the bass to the other sound. I furthermore love the EQ's that you can use to adjust the sound. I personally use the REF-EQ since this one has the most deep bass and provides the best results for me. For this price, the 10.17 is an unbeatable investment. Even classical music now sounds better.
It took me a long time to think about what a subwoofer I want to get me, and only after a long search I had the idea to look look at the XTZ subs.
What can I say ... I was not disappointed. The sub is mainly used for movies and series but I also use it to play techno and other sub-genres of electronic music. The bass is precise and accurate. The Auto-On / Off works fine and he makes me happy every day.
I would buy it again in any case
I firstly ordered the Canton AS 85.2 SC active subwoofer (200/250 Watt) because it had very good reviews and ratings in all tests. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the Canton. It began to chatter at mid SPL and basses were partly very soft and not precise. So I decided to order the 10.17. That sub really has a very good transient response, maximum bass, high dynamics, it plays rock / metal with rich bass as well as drum and bass, techno, minimal, etc. Even with acoustic singer/songwriter, the bass is never intrusive. I am more than satisfied. Clear purchase recommendation for ambitious amateur music listeners.
Well what can i say about this bad boy?
As a former XTZ W10.16 user i was unsure if there was much more to get for the money in the same pricerange.
Well i gave it try and bought a Sub 10.17. Unboxing it was as usual with packages from XTZ. Well packaged and the supplied cloth gloves just tell you -This is a expensive product.
Out from the box, even before i even had the time to play it for xx hours i immediately noticed some drastic improvment in the sound. Both deeper and more responsive then my old W10.16. And thanks to the smaller measurement, it looks better in the living room- So that's one more big plus from the lady in the house. More bass for me and a satisfied lady in one packages, it can't be better.

Overall. I won't ditch my old W10.16, not for now anyway. But in a near future i will buy one more Sub 10.17 to fill up the space in the living room and enjoy to life of surround sound.

I can't give the Sub 10.17 a 5 star because a 5 star means 'i will never see a better subwoofer then this'. And that would not be fair to XTZ since they will keep deliver better products as time and technology keep going on.
My final verdict is -There's a new kid in town and hes here to kick ass!