SUB 12.17 EDGE - Test in the Home Cinema magazine December 2018

February 01 - 2019

"Our warmest recommendationsIt is only to surrender to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge!
It's a very good subwoofer in every way, and if you have 10,000 kronor to spend it is this subwoofer you will spend your money on!"

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I'm very happy with the 10.17 edge. I had an old subwoofer similar for price and dimensions, now I think my previous sub was just good to make noise, I'm glad it died. The XTZ seems more controlled and I rediscovered the audio of my Blu-ray collection. The quality of construction seems very good.
These subs are truly remarkable given the price tag. My room is 36m2. I have 2 of these subs. They are extremely powerful and go low enough for music and movies. I don't like boomy bass but I do like to ear and feel it. These subs provide me that. They also integrate well with my speakers and complement them perfectly (Tannoy Revolution XT8F). Very versatile with all the tuning options they have.

Coming from the prior generation (XTZ 10.17), they definitely feel faster, more controlled and more powerful. I also noticed the amplifier runs much cooler.

I truly recommend them.