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"I do not know any other Subwoofer in this price range which can be adjusted as good as the 8.17. Pretty awesome." "The high quality finish and equipment is remarkable in this price range."

- Raphael Vogt, - 

SUB 8.17 - (Germany)

March 09 - 2017

"With a clear, precise bass reproduction which can be modified by the wide range of possible settings between particularly deep and structured-dry sound, the subwoofer inspires its listeners. This allows the discerning user to adapt the sound perfectly to his / her personal preferences as well as the conditions of the listening room. The Sub 8.17 presents itself as an excellent bass loudspeaker, which is perfectly suitable for the sound support of compact boxes and can be considered almost as a bargain for the price of 345 euros (plus shipping). XTZ has without doubt landed a perfect hit with this subwoofer."
- Gerd Büsse

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99.25 LCR / SUB 8.17 - AREA DVD (Germany)

June 03 - 2016

"High-quality finish, first-class sound and favorable purchase price: XTZ offers with 99.25 and SUB 8.17 an all around successful 2.1 Ensemble." "For relatively low purchase price you receive a combination of the bookshelf speakers 99.25 and the active Sub 8.17 a powerful 2.1-ensemble that can shine with many strengths. The small subwoofer  is acoustically grown up and offers an wonderful sound. It acts precisely and supports the two 99.25 excellent. The good looking bookshelf speakers with their unibody design provide an impeccable detailing, a pleasant tonality and an authentic space. Overall an excellent, highly recommended combination. Since the subwoofer also has high-level connections,  a subwoofer preamp for integrationis not needed. The finish of the XTZ components convinced us as usual."

- Philipp Kind

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Sub 8.17 - (Germany)

March 08 - 2016

"I do not know any other Subwoofer in this price range which can be adjusted as good as the 8.17. Pretty awesome." "The high quality finish and equipment is remarkable in this price range. He plays to very clean in middle level and can either play quite deep or meaty and loud. Price and compact size offer it for small rooms as an addition to compact speakers or even quality sound bars . Clever." 

- Raphael Vogt,

+ Great Finish, compact size
+ Flexible sound adjustments with the bassreflex plugs
+ 3 Equalizer Settings, continous phase adjustment
- Slight Hum through ground loop

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I’ve bought two 8.17 subwoofers mainly for stereo. They acompany my Kef LS50 W Active speakers. So now I have a complete active full range stereo setup. These little subwoofers are wonderfull.. they are powerfull and go as deep as 29 Hz in my 45 square meters room. I use Roon DSP for room correction (measured with REW) and add a housecurve with the KEF DSP. Crossovers are set internal in the Kef DSP, 80 hz for the Kef and 85 Hz for the 8.17 Now I have a powerfull clean and detailed bass and because the Kefs doesn’t have to play the deepest bass, they sound clean and fast in the midrange and highs. Thank you XTZ for these fantastic little subwoofers. I’ll hope XTZ one day will do active dsp speakers too.. the 99.25 maybe?
The 8.17 is a really great subwoofer for the price and size. I use it for my 16sqm living room and it creates exactly the bass that I want, powerfull but still controlled. It fits perfectly to my bookshelf speakers!
The only small thing I do not like is the white cover which makes the drivers shine through.
After a long search finally found a subwoofer that is small enough to fit below my desk but still powerfull and precise!
I can recommend this subwoofer to anyone seeking a powerful good sounding bass.
I would buy it again;-)
After reading the review on Areadvd I gave that combination of 8.17 and 99.25 a try since I was looking for a new compact stereo system for my living room since around half a year.
The speakers were sent out really fast and were well packed. I especially liked the cloth bags which are additionally protecting the speakers.
Concerning the sound I have to say that I am really astonished. Even without the 8.17, the 99.25 do a really great job and play with many details and even deeper than I thought. At moment, I am really descovering many of my CD's one more time.
The 8.17 plays with the same precision but deeper which is really nice for watching movies. I also use it for music in between since it is providing a nice bass-foundation in the background.
I run the sub with the 95.22 as a 5.1 system with a Denon AVR 1912. At first I was concerned that the 8.17 is too small and can never produce a decent bass. After installing, I was really astonished. Not only audible but also palpable bass is generated in my 18sqm living room (with laminate floor). When fully turning up the volume, the 8.17 reaches its limits and begins to roar, so those who want a brutal and extremely loud subwoofer and do not live in a rented apartment should look for larger subwoofer.

Conclusion: For me, the Sub 8.17 was the perfect choice. With music and movies a precise and tactile bass is produced and the price is just great!
Whoever buys Subwoofer from XTZ will probably never be disappointed. Visually appealing and very well constructed! The finish is really high quality compared to other subs in that price range. The bass from the 8.17 is superior and non-intrusive. It is a great addition to my high-end compact speakers, which do not play down to 30 Hz. The active power amplifier has enough headroom, so one can really feel the bass and not only listen to it. The neighbors will hopefully forgive ;-).