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"With excellent sound and nearly unrivaled finish, makes the Tune 4 a perfect choice not only for your desk."

- Martin Sowa, Lite-Magazin - 

Tune 4 - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

September 27 - 2017

"The XTZ Tune 4 is a real "wonder" or realistic, a first-class (active) loudspeaker but also as a stereo solution for the living room. All these possibilities make the Tune 4 more than just a great speaker, whether in the sound itself, or in the quality of the cabinet and its overall features. The speaker provides an amazing dynamic range and amount of details, also the bass qualities are astonishing. If you need more, you can also easily connect a subwoofer to the subwoofer-output." "From our side, there is a clear purchase recommendation."
- Marcel Büttner

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Tune 4 - Stereopluss (Norway)

July 01 - 2017

"There are not many options for really good sound on the desk. We have already tested the Quadral Rondo Active and they are certainly a good alternative but still I find that the Tune 4 gives a better insight into the music with more timbre and details in the sound. Furthermore the Dirac DSP gives you a unique opportunity to adjust the sound as you like. Whether you're working, surfing or just sitting in front of the screen, the Tune 4 always make an excellent impression. The Speakers can also be used to support the TV sound, for example, via the optical input and it definitely sounds better than any soundbar! "
- Håvard Holmedal

Tune 4 - technic3D.com (Germany)

March 11 - 2017

"The Tune 4 is particularly impressive for its price class of around 500 euros, which is mainly due to its transparency, structure and high-quality precision. Tune 4 rewards the listener with a bony-dry, precise bass, and thus expresses the emotional expressive power of even the most demanding music impressively." "At the same time our team awarded the XTZ Tune 4 as a sound reference in the active box price class below 500 €."
- Gerd Büsse

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Tune 4 - Lautsprecher-Junkie (Germany)

January 05 - 2017

"Even at a low volume, you're almost in the middle of the action, and the basic design of the Tune 4 is also very good at low volume, with a warm and precise bass. It is a very pleasant and unobtrusive sound picture, which is further refined and optimized with the DSP settings "On Wall" or "On Desk". Then the software can be used to slow down the bass or to modify the run times for the table reflection, which can definitely be heard and the difference is impressive."
- Maik Dahles

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Tune 4 - Hifi & Musik (Sweden)

November 27 - 2016

"As usual, I started listening to heavy psychedelic trance music and directly got a mild shock over the high sound pressure which these small speakers can deliver. Reverberation is dark and the bass performance really impressive. Placed on a desk in a not too large room, the Tune 4 provide lots of joy and energy."
- Johan Ahlström, Hifi & Musik nr 12/2016

Tune 4 - Techtest.org (Germany)

November 01 - 2016

"Tune 4 is a premium speaker for sophisticated demands. Thus they play very natural and detailed what is very convincing especially when playing challenging music. They are not effect-speakers which try to convince by an exaggerated bass level. It is perfect for users who value detailes and balanced sound."
- Michael Barton

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Tune 4 - Hörerlebnis (Germany)

October 16 - 2016

"With Tune 4, XTZ has really presented a powerful speaker in the compact speaker class. For the price you can build a small, fine high-end system, which can grow with increasing demands. Do not forget: The amplifier electronics is already included in the price. There is also a wide range of possible applications. It's just like a product of the now time from Cupertino, California. And as already described, like an espresso: small, strong and black - refreshing and rich in content."
- Andreas Limbach

Tune 4 - 99mac (Sweden)

October 13 - 2016

"The ultimate test for new speakers or headphones is usualliy if i get excited to go through my muisc library again and listen through every track with the new equpiment. This emerged fully when i listen to the TUNE 4 speakers, which shows the high quality of the speakers."
-Jakob Nilsson, 99mac

+ Flexible format, easy to place
+ Lots of inputs
+ Great sound
- No support for Airplay or Spotify Connect
- Simple app

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Tune 4 - Les Numeriques (France)

September 22 - 2016

"The XTZ Tune 4 is an excellent compact and powerful speaker for music lovers." The Tune 4 is a versatile loudspeaker for all hifi applications, despite the slight reductions in the possible connections (Wi-Fi application, USB, remote control). "
-Benoît Campion

+ Warm, musical sound
+ Wide sound stage
+ Compact and powerful
+ Solid construction
+ Many connections for a stereo speaker
- slight distortion at high volume
- preferred good recording
- slightly tippy
- Remote control a little too small

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Tune 4 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

August 26 - 2016

"XTZ speakers have a surprisingly rich bass for such small elements. They sound definitely bigger than they look, and electronic pop music rhythms have good fullness and weight. "
- Lasse Svendsen

Tune 4 - Graczofil (Poland)

May 30 - 2016

"Given the quality / price ratio, this is probably the best monitor pair I ever had the pleasure of testing."  "The XTZ TUNE 4 awards you with good sound, aesthetics and a nice finish."
- Graczofil

+ Product quality
+ Design
+ Bluetooth
+ Small but loud
+ Clean, clear sound
+ 5 years warranty
- Control only with the remote 

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Tune 4 - Fairaudio (Germany)

May 09 - 2016

"In the low frequency range, the small active speakers deliver at first glance exactly what is needed at the envisaged application: Bass sound especially at close range and powerful - yes, exactly - deep."

- Nick Mavridis, Fairaudio

+ perfect for long playing
+ very precise in the heights without straining
+ really balanced midrange
+ voluminous bass for the size which can be adjusted for best precision and accuracy by using the supplied plugs
+ easy adaption to the surrounding due to the DSP-Software
+ very fair price-performance ratio

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Tune 4 - The Audiophile Man (UK)

April 27 - 2016

"Perfect for the beginner looking to create a neat, low footprint, system, those in a small flat with space problems, the experienced user looking for a second system or for the music fan looking for easy of use and convenience, the Tune 4s offer the perfect choice. "

- Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man

+ feature count
+ big sound from a small chassis
+ admirable overall sound quality
+ ease of use
+ price
- nothing

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Tune 4 - tom's HARDWARE (Germany)

March 24 - 2016

"High quality design, very good finish quality and excellent sound quality in the smallest space: the Tune 4 of XTZ surprised by their performance"

-  Igor Wallossek, tom's HARDWARE

+ clean, compliant design
+ compact and space saving
+ great sound for the size
+ Bluetooth
+ very high finish quality
- only medium sound pressure level in deep bass
- relatively high price

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Tune 4 - Klikk.no (Norway)

March 02 - 2016

"With the Tune 4, XTZ has built a couple of very good active speakers which impress with a comprehensive, comfortable and natural sound." "Tune 4 is "large" when it comes to sound. They produce a very flat frequency response and the soundstage seems balanced regardless of genre. The stereo image is also very wide and airy. What impresses most is the wonderful tidy and detailed midrange. There is no hint of turbidity in the lower part of the registry, so you often experience with speakers of this size. It also helps a lot that they keep their promise when it comes to bass, with a lower limit of 52 Hz. The result is an impressive controlled bass, contributing to an overall sound."

- Truls Steinung, Klikk.no 

+ Very good sound
+ Good connectivity
+ Smart design 
- Only operation via remote control

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Tune 4 - Gameswelt.de (Germany)

February 28 - 2016

"The entire sound is clearly defined, exemplary spot-on and extremely voluminous, the delivery and the connectivity options including Bluetooth are almost perfect." " It is incredible that these speakers are not only good for the computer, but also play on a very high level for music or movies. Even vor large living rooms they performance very well."

- Andreas Philipp, Gameswelt.de

+ Very good accessoires
+ Great finish
+ Lots of power despite the small cabinet 
+ Cool and clean optics
+ High-quality remote
+ Licence for DAP included
+ Very powerful bass
+ Clear and very structured sound  
+ Not only great for games but also music listening
- Short analogue cable
- Little unstable stand

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Tune 4 - Lite-Magazin (Germany)

February 28 - 2016

"With excellent sound and nearly unrivaled finish, makes the Tune 4 a perfect choice not only for your desk." "Whether you are sitting at your desk or leaning back a few feet away relaxing - the sound is everywhere really great ! Tune 4  perfectly understands to create a balance between punchy bass and melodic synths and guitars in higher frequencies." "Even for someone who has heard various desktop speakers , that's impressive - for those who have used so far cheap or no external speaker for laptop or PC , it might actually be a revelation ."

- Martin Sowa, Lite-Magazin

+ Excellent bass
+ Great precision and soundstage
+ Sound adjustments via app or software
+ Outstanding finish
+ Bluetooth

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Tune 4 - AREA DVD (Germany)

February 18 - 2016

"The XTZ Tune 4 present itself as a very powerful active speaker with intoxicating and lively acoustic backdrop." " Thanks to Dirac Audio DSP software acoustic design can be very well adapted to the placement." "The finish ist excellent. Multilayer Brushed matt varnish , clean integration of chassis and rounded casing edges ensure a very chic and clean look."

- Philipp Kind, AREA DVD

+ Very nice finish
+ Great look in matte white / black paint
+ Excellent sound stage, even on a desk
+ Powerful and firm bass
+ Effective Dirac-Audio DSP software with 6 EQ's
+ Bluetooth incl. aptX
+ Fair price
+ Solid remote
- no USB-DAC for direct connection of a computer
- standing a little unstable

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I am testing the XTZ Tune 4 speakers for about one week now and I am very happy with them.

The build quality, fit and finish is the best I have ever seen in this price range. The included remote and wires are very good. No need to change or upgrade here.

I use the Tune 4 as stereo speakers in my living room and not as desktop speakers for my PC setup.

The sound is very balanced and pleasing. Nothing stands out and nothing is missing. Details are very good. (Only tested with Bluetooth connection and Mac). You can listen to the speakers for hours without getting tired.

The bluetooth connection is very stable. No problems here.

Overall they sound much bigger and more expensive than they are.

If you are looking for a top sounding, nice looking and easy to use speaker this is my recommendation.

5 out of 5 Stars

Incredible sound! I have only bought sheap stuff Before I bougth this pair. Now I hear things in the songs that I never Heard Before. Very clear and Deep sound for the size. I use them to my computer and it's perfect.
Jag tycker väldigt mycket om mina vita Tune 4 högtalare. Då jag bor i en liten lägenhet är denna storlek på högtalare perfekt för mig. De går bra att dra på ordentligt och ändå få rent och bra ljud på mina favoritlåtar. Fjärrkontrollen som medföljer känns bra och solid i handen. Kan starkt rekommendera Tune 4 till alla som vill ha en fin musikupplevelse. Jag gläds av mina högtalare varje dag!
These small beauties have exceeded all my expectations. The bass is deep and dry and also very controlled.
Although they are not cheap, the price is more than adequate. The delivery was quick and easy. Thus, all in all 5 star plus.
I have tested and owned quite a lot of headphones and active speaker systems in the past and therefore I venture to say that I have well trained ears.
Without the DAP I have the feeling of the Tune to have a slightly increased upper bass. To be honest, I really like this since I usually do not lsiten very looud at my desktop, so this fits well. The midrange and treble are really neutral and thus very natural as you promise ;-). There's lots of details and precision in the sound what makes me really love these speakers.
With the "REF" equalizer, I get the feeling of a bit too much in the lower midrange due to the reflections on my desk. Thus, I use it in the "On Desk" mode which sounds perfect in my opinion. Sometimes, I also prefer the boosted bass-modes :-D.
Great job guys!
I decided to order the Tune 4 because I really love that design and I was in need of a new pair of speakers for my desk. I never regretted this decision since the Tune 4 is not only a beautiful piece of speaker but also sounds really good. A comparison with the Nubert A-100 from a friend of mine showed that the Tune 4 is playing even better in the treble and with same precision in the bass. I use them in the "Desk"-Equalizer which sounds most natural for me. 5/5 stars!
I was looking for speakers for max. 500 € for my PC. It should be a 2.0 system. Several monitor speakers where recommended to me but they could never fully convince me. In some cases, I did not like the optics (Neumann KH 120), some do not have Bluetooth (Nubert A-100) and some just did not sound good (JBL SR 305).

Then I came across the new Tune 4 from XTZ
They're actually exactly what I wanted:
- 2.0
- Compact dimensions, so I can place them on my desk
- Bassreflex port can be closed, so that an installation close to walls is possible
- Attractive appearance
- Light oblique orientation of the front, so that the speakers are aimed at ear height
- Bluetooth
- And as a bonus, a remote control

Unfortunately when I ordered tune 4 in January, there wer no reviews at all, so I had no idea what the sound of the speakers would be like (the main criterion).
Since there is the right of withdrawal, I just ordered them.

And I must say that I am not disappointed. The sound is perfectly fine: Details can be detected easily, the bass is pretty strong, volume is more than adequate (have not yet dared to crank) and the music dissolves well from the speakers, you feel, singing and drums came from behind the window.
I will keep the speakers and can recommend it as well.
The speakers are both visually and phonetically a delight!
I got the Tune 4 because I heard a lot of good things about it and had read really good reviews.
I must say I can recommend these speakers, to everyone who loves clear and balanced sound.
Mostly I use the Tune with Bluetooth from my iPhone but I have also connected it to my computer. Besides the sound, the best thing is the ease of use which I never want to miss again!

I think for the price is just right, all in all ...
Therefore 5 of 5 stars.
Jag måste skicka ett mail och tacka för provlyssning och förevisning i torsdags av XTZ Tune 4.
Jag har nu testat dom ordentligt i mitt kök!!! Inte den vanligaste lyssnings platsen men det är där dom ska förgylla min tillvaro (även frugans men hon protesterar som vanligt lite grann). Kan konstatera att det här är något utöver det vanliga när jag tar upp Jeff Buckleys Hallelujah från min mobil kan jag nästan tro jag har en live konsert i mitt kök (t.o.m. frugan drar på smilbanden). Drar jag på lite mer ös som Limp Bizkit My Way tycker jag fortfarande jag har ett jäkla ös i dessa mini högtalare som jag tycker. Går inte riktigt upp i klass med mina XTZ 99.36 med XTZ Class-A 100 D2, NAD M5 eller Aucostic signature IEcco skivspelare men ändå riktigt bra ljud. Basen kommer inte riktigt fram men vad kan begära av ett par högtalare av denna storlek.
Testade tidigare Marshall Stanmore här hemma (Julklapp till min dotter) tyckte då att den lät fruktansvärt bra, men nu när jag testat XTZ Tune 4, känns Marshall rätt blek i jämförelse.
Tack än en gång för en makalös upplevelse.

Kent Hansson