Providing a massive deep fundament and highest dynamics at the same time, the subwoofers of the SUB17 Series are legitimately praised by customers and press. To achieve this great reputation, the drivers which have to perform ultra-long strokes with maximum speed and accuracy are made of a special polymer which is reinforced by pure nomex-fibres. This extremely stiff driver is powered by very strong and precise acting Class-D amplifier. The numerous possibilities to adjust the sound to the room and taste make this unique bass-power plants a perfect choice for music reproduction and home cinema installations.

  • Long stroke high speed driver
  • High sound pressure level
  • Efficient class D amplifier
  • Stable reinforced cabinet
  • RCA and XLR inputs
  • High class multilayer paint finish
  • Bass reflex or sealed operation
  • Room Tuning EQ adjustments
AREA DVD (Germany) (Germany)
StereoLife (Poland)
Heimkino-Magazin (Germany)
HemmaBio (Sweden)
HDfever (France)
AREA DVD (Germany)
HiFi Vision (Germany)