XTZ was at CES in Las vegas

Publication Date 2012.01.01

Pictures CES in Las Vegas 2012

Also this year you could see XTZ and some of our products at CES in Las Vegas.

CES is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow and features about 2700 exhibitors every year.

On the pictures below you can see some of the products that XTZ showed this year.




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Demo of the new DSP-speakers S-800 from XTZ.

Read more about them under products and DSP-speakers/multimedia at this website.





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Partners of XTZ: Ice power, SEAS and Peerless.





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The new speaker from XTZ, 70.12 is the name of it. You can already buy them from our webpage, and you can soon buy it in a package with Dirac HD Sound which improve the sound in theese small cabinet speakers.





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At CES in Las Vegas you could also found Dirac Resarch who just released their new product Dirac Live Room Correction Suite. This software is a great product which improve the sound in your room and it works great to use with our microphone from XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro.



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