The new subwoofer amplifier EDGE SA-1 is built with the best class D technology from ICEpower® capable of 700 Watts RMS and is a part of the SUB 10.17 Edge, SUB 12.17 EDGE and CINEMA SUB 1X12 EDGE among other models. SA-1 is a mer advanced amplifier than previous subwoofer amplifiers, has more power and improved impulse response. ICEpower modules is used in many very costly high-end designs thanks to its extreme performance (S/N ratio of 117 dB) and huge power vs. size ratio. 

The EDGE SA-1 sub amp is equipped with an advanced digital signal processor (DSP) which gives the amplifier extreme control over the driver, and has extensive adjustments available via two EQ tools: pre-programmed EQ settings REF, EQ1 and EQ2 plus the built-in parametric EQ (PEQ).

Can be used with (among others):
XTZ SUB 10.17 Edge
XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge
XTZ SUB 12.17
XTZ SUB 10.17
XTZ Spirit Sub 12 
XTZ 99 W10.16
XTZ 99 W12.16
XTZ CINEMA SUB 1X12 (including conversion plate)

Choose the desired firmware version for the XTZ subwoofer you want to use the amplifier with, or choose "Neutral DSP" if you want to use the amplifier with your own build. In that case it will be programmed with a firmware where all DSP settings are neutral and not optimized for a particular XTZ subwoofer.

• 700 Watts RMS
• S/N: 117 dB
• ICEpower technology
• Pre amp stage developed by XTZ and ICEpower
• 4 mm aluminium plate
• DSP-based signal processing
• Built-in parametric EQ (PEQ)
• 5 years warranty

Built-in PEQ
The EDGE SA-1 sub amp has a built-in parametric EQ (PEQ) where you can target and compensate for issues with room modes and nodes that are unique for every listening area. The PEQ can target frequencies between 30 Hz and 120 Hz, +/- 9 dB.

To use this feature in the best way we recommend using measuring eqiupment like the XTZ Room Anayler II Pro to get a sense of how the system is performing within the listening area. Start by using Real Time Analysis (RTA) measuring at ear-height at a couple of different locations in your listening area to see if a certain frequency range has a repeating pattern, for example a dip or a peak. Then on the SA-1 amp set the PEQ mode to On and set the PEQ gain knob to either +9 dB or -9 dB to see which frequency is targeted. Trim the PEQ frequency knob to the correct spot and adjust the PEQ gain to balance out the dip or peak. We recommend trying to even out peaks instead of trying to fill in dips, as a dip most likely occurs due to a wave cancellation and adding more power to the affected frequency will only increase the cancellation.

On the 4 mm thick aluminum plate the SA-1 has several means to adjust the sound. The DSP has three pre-programmed EQ settings (REF, EQ1, EQ2). The EQ setting REF (reference) gives the deepest bass and most linear response. EQ1 filters out some of the lowest frequencies to adjust the sound for a normal room with high room gain. EQ2 lifts the upper bass frequencies to achieve a more punchy bass that is a better fit for small rooms.

EQ REF - Gives extended frequency reproduction for the deepest bass, but proceed with caution as the lower frequencies can get exaggerated and can result in "slower" bass sound depending on the room's dimensions, the subwoofer's position and the where the main listening area is located.

EQ1 - A direct counter-measure for "slower" bass reproduction due to the room's reverberation and exaggerated low bass. By increasing the lower end frequency the bass will be more controlled.

EQ2 - Gives more energy over the frequency range that is more punchy and fast.

- Volume (Gain)
- Frequency, variable 30 Hz - 170 Hz (low-pass)
- Phase, adjustable 0 - 180 degrees
- Three EQ settings (REF, EQ1, EQ2)
- Parametric EQ, variable 30 Hz - 120 Hz, +/- 9 dB
- Low pass Off
- Auto On / Always On

1045 Watts Peak / 700 Watts RMS (Class D ICEpower®)

Inputs / outputs
- 1 x RCA pair (left+right), 1 x XLR, 1 x XLR pass-through OUT

- Power consumption (Standby: 0.17 W, Idle: 22 W)
- Dimensions (W x H): 265 mm x 300 mm
- Mounting depth: 60 mm
- Installation hole needs to be approx. 214 x 276 mm
- Warranty period: 5 years

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