Room Analyzer II Pro gets Acoustical Product of the Year Award

Publication Date 2014.12.10


2014 Audioholics Product of the Year Award Winners


Acoustical Product of the year

"XTZ’s Room Analyzer II Pro is a must have product for any audiophilethat wants to make the most of their system and stop the treadmill ofblind upgrades.


For $360, you get a microphone with a +/- 1dB tolerance, an adjustabletripod, a calibrated external sound card, all the associated cabling,andof course the software package itself.


Given that it’s an all in one package, the Room Analyzer II Pro isrelatively straightforward to set up, and it gives users a variety oftools ranging from a basic SPL meter to full frequency responsemeasurements and the automatic room analyzer.


If you are looking to gain more insight into how your speakers interactwith your room without getting a PhD in acoustics, this is the systemfor you."


The review on Audioholics website


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