XTC 99.25 LCR review

Publication Date 2015.04.09

We got this kind review of our speaker 99.25 LCR from a customer. 

The XTC 99.25 LCR speaker’s arrived double boxed, well packed and wrapped cloth to protect the finish. The finish on these speakers are without flaw and gorgeous. They are a reassuringly heavy speaker and are what I think is the right size for a stand mount speaker.

The grills are of good quality and they came straight off to reveal the wonderful Seas driver and ribbon tweeter.The speaker posts are of excellent size and quality, and well marked; as are the jumpers for refining the ribbon tweeter to you own preference.The XTC 99.25 LCR sound good out of the box, good bass, midrange and high frequency. The soundstage imagery was outstanding, I could shut my eyes and tell where the musicians and instrument's would be as if I was there.

I have an eclectic taste in music from Pink Floyd to Mozart and these speaker shine at it all.

The best thing about these speakers is now I am past the 50 hour mark they are sounding more open and revealing by the hour.

Would I recommend these speakers ? YES in a heartbeat, they are the best speakers I've owned and everyday they fill me with joy. 

May I also say XTZ customer service is 2nd to none. So go ahead buy some XTC 99.25 LCR you wont be disappointed.

/Gary Cassap Image title


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