Earphone Sports

Earphone Sports

The idea behind this project was not only to create a good earphone, maybe with an excellent price/quality ratio, but to build something revolutionary, something that expresses our passion for music and technology. The in-ear headphones are equipped with the best technology in every part. In addition to the excellent membrane there is has been optimized in many other areas. A particular focus of the earphone lies on perfectly hiding ambient noise, so that undisturbed music enjoyment is possible. A calm and relaxing atmosphere is the result. Of course also the look and feel of those small “speakers” play an important role. The clean metallic design thereby ensures enthusiasm. That's still not enough , we were even able to solve the problem of permanently wired and tangled cord. The two earphones are on their backs each magnetic and therefore hold together perfectly. The cable is particularly impressive itself. It unravels literally on its own and without any help. This is made possible by the flat construction and low friction of the cable together. Disturbing difficulties and even damage to the cables therefore belong to the past. The sport version of EarPhone-12 comes with a microphone, mounting clip, ear hook and new foam plugs thats adjusts to the ear.

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