As an important part of the XTZ custom-installed in-wall speaker series, the two-way closed bookshelf speaker E-IW61 combines beauty and strength, continuing the original design of IW — "In Wall". As a rare sincere work of the same level of speakers that takes into account both design style and material craftsmanship, E-IW61 has an extraordinary value experience. In addition to its simple and smooth appearance, its wide and flexible applicability and strong and sharp characteristics also impress everyone who has listened to it. E-IW61 adopts a two-way closed design, the box shape is simple, slim, solid and dense.

The tweeter is a 1-inch (25 mm) diameter aluminum-magnesium alloy dome tweeter, and the mid-bass unit is a 6.5-inch (165 mm) long-stroke woofer made of Kevlar composite material. It has excellent transient response and dynamic impact. It can be hung on the wall or installed in the wall. Whether it is a stereo HiFi system or a multi-channel theater system, there is no pressure. The overall performance of E-IW61 is calm and unhurried, the sound is delicate and precise, the sound field is wide, smooth and coherent, with an excellent sense of immersion, and the sound field reproduction is clear, dense and real.

Multifunctional installation and placement

The E-IW61 has a simple and smooth shape, with an overall thickness of only 117mm. The back provides two holes for wall hanging and four prefabricated threaded holes for mounting the bracket. Depending on different usage environments and personal preferences, it can be hung on the wall for use, or grooves can be made in the wall and the entire speaker can be embedded for installation to achieve a flat stealth effect. The closed box design does not affect its excellent performance at all.


The cabinet is made of 18 mm thick MDF, and a single speaker weighs 5.8 kg. Each speaker unit has an independent installation cavity, which completely eliminates audio interference between speaker units. The solid cabinet also minimizes internal harmful resonance, thereby further improving the accuracy of sound restoration.


The overall matte paint surface adopts a complex multi-layer process It will not cause visual interference due to light reflection and scattering. It has excellent environmental adaptability and provides a quiet and stable visual effect.


The wiring terminals use two large pure copper gold-plated ones, with a beautiful design. In addition to ensuring the best signal transmission, it can also prevent oxidation for long-term use. It is suitable for a variety of connection methods such as Y plug, banana plug and bare wire.

Front grille

The speaker uses a detachable snap-on grille to protect the speaker unit from dust and external damage. In order to ensure perfect sound transmission, the grille is specially designed and verified to use sound-permeable fabric to ensure that the sound is fully penetrated without any impact on the sound quality.

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