E-IW62 is a three-way five-unit wall mounted speaker with explosive sound effects and is "armed to the teeth". The speaker adopts a sealed design with a simple and slender shape. The tweeter uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy dome with a diameter of 1 inch (25mm), the midrange uses two 4-inch-diameter (101mm) drivers made of Kevlar composite material, the woofer uses two 6.5-inch-diameter drivers, also made of Kevlar composite material. It is equipped with a cast aluminum basket and a long-throw suspension design to ensure excellent transient response, both in accuracy and dynamics.

Multifunctional installation and placement

The E-IW62 (LCR) five-unit adopts a classic driver layout, bringing a more balanced and high-fidelity sound. The overall cabinet design is compact, with a depth of only 117mm. The back provides four built-in keyhole brackets for wall-mounting, and four prefabricated threaded holes for bracket installation. You can hang the E-IW62 on the wall, or you can slot it into the wall to achieve a plane invisible effect. And according to different usage environments and personal preferences, two can be used together to form a HiFi stereo sound system, or multiple ones can be used together to form a multi-channel cinema system.


The overall matte paint surface adopts a complex multi-layer process It will not cause visual interference due to light reflection and scattering. It has excellent environmental adaptability and provides a quiet and stable visual effect.


The wiring terminals use two large pure copper gold-plated ones, with a beautiful design. In addition to ensuring the best signal transmission, it can also prevent oxidation for long-term use. It is suitable for a variety of connection methods such as Y plug, banana plug and bare wire.

Front grille

The speaker uses a detachable snap-on grille to protect the speaker unit from dust and external damage. In order to ensure perfect sound transmission, the grille is specially designed and verified to use sound-permeable fabric to ensure that the sound is fully penetrated without any impact on the sound quality.

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