E-IW8 is a powerful and flexible three-way wall mounted customized speaker. As a professional multi-channel home theater sound system, it ensures stunning sound effects while also achieving the demand for wall mounted invisibility, achieving a perfect balance. The E-IW8 speaker adopts a closed three part frequency design, with a simple and smooth shape. It uses a 1-inch aluminum magnesium alloy tweeter unit, a 5-inch Kevlar composite long throw mid range speaker unit, and an 8-inch Kevlar composite long throw bass speaker unit, which has high efficiency and presents a more delicate, precise, and spacious sound. It can be used as an excellent stereo sound device alone, or integrated into a stunning panoramic audio and video system. E-IW8 can be hung on the wall or placed in the wall, achieving flexibility and balance.

Multifunctional installation and placement

The E-IW8 has a simple and smooth design, with an overall thickness of only 117mm. The back provides holes for wall mounting. Depending on different usage environments and personal preferences, it can be hung on the wall, or in the wall, for embedded installation of the speaker, achieving a flat invisibility effect without affecting excellent performance.


The front panel of the box is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a thickness of up to 25 millimeters, ensuring the stability of the speaker unit during playback. The baffles on both sides of the box are made of 18mm MDF and equipped with special reinforcement bracings. At the same time, special damping materials are also used inside the box, making a single speaker weigh up to 10 kilograms. This design also minimizes the resonance inside the box, further improving the accuracy of playback.


The E-IW8 box is matte black and adopts a complex multi-layer coating process that does not reflect light and interfere with vision to ensure good integration with any environment. This enables it to become a true decorative handicraft and has a high cost performance ratio.

Speaker Terminals

The E-IW8 speaker terminal is located on the back of the cabinet, using two large pure copper gold-plated terminal blocks. The design is beautiful and generous, ensuring optimal signal transmission and preventing oxidation for long-term use. It can be used for various connection methods such as Y-plug, banana plug, and bare wire.

Front grille

The speaker is equipped with a plug-in detachable front grille to protect the speaker unit from dust and external damage. In order to ensure perfect sound transmission, the mesh cover has been specially designed and verified to allow complete sound penetration without any impact on the sound of the speaker.

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