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This brand new amplifier was created upon the great heritage of XTZ in amplification technology and electrical devices. Crossing the gap between a nearly never ending source of power with its 2 x 300W on 4Ohm when its needed and a vanishingly small power consumption (up to 90% efficiency and 0,27W in standby mode), the EDGE A2-300 marks the epoch of a totally new generation of amplifiers. Besides the performance it is also the sound quality in which the latest ICEpower® Class-D technology outweights the traditional ways of amplification. Among the many advantages of the used technologies, the amplifier produces high dynamic range and a very low amplifier output impedance resulting in highly precise bass control and very low distortion, superior to Class AB. Although these impressive specifications imply a large and unwieldy housing, the EDGE A2-300 features an extremely stiff compact cabinet out of aluminum and steel which provides a high mechanical stability, adequate cooling and even rack mounting possibilities.

  • 2x 300W (1% THD, 4 Ω)
  • 0,005% THD+N (1 kHz, 1 - 100 W, 4 Ω) 
  • ICEpower®
  • Adjustable Gain
  • CMC® High Quality Copper binding post
  • 113dB S/N
  • Stereomode and Monomode
  • 19" Rack mounting