Room Analyzer II Pro

Room Analyzer 2 Pro

A good loudspeaker can only do as much as its placement in the room will permit.  This is because the listening position and the room itself have a significant effect on the sound. Our measurement systems and room analyzer software help you find and fix these problems. Our software for Windows with its easy to use interface, in combination with our hardware, enable a number of different analysis methods. You can learn more about standing waves, room modes, phase shift and delay time, and how each of these factors affects the sound you hear in the room. It also gives you information about each of the problems it detects and what kinds of countermeasures you should consider taking.

Easy to use interface

With Room Analyzer we wanted an easy to use interface, also a product that you could use instant. It is a product for anybody who wants to improve their movie or music experience. Room Analyzer gives an advanced analysis, as the name indicates, of the problems that exist in the room/system. Whatever your system costs you will always have a use for this instrument in optimizing your system.  

Frequency response - Full Range

Displays a precise measurement for careful optimization of the sound. The blue line shows the frequency response (three different resolutions: Anechoic, Ambient & Raw) while the red bars show the reverberation time of the room with one octave resolution.)

Real Time Frequency Analysis - RTA

With Room Analyzer you can see the frequency response in real time. It shows the frequency response with 1/3 octave resolution, with a range between 16 - 20000Hz.

Frequency Response - SPL

Room Analyzer uses four sweeps to give you a more accurate measurement. You can also save four of your measurements to compare and see where you have improved. It has also three types of windows to choose from: Anechoic, Ambient and Raw.

2D / 3D Waterfall plot

In the frequency response there is a 2D or 3D waterfall plot for room reverberation.

SPL meter

The advanced SPL-meter (Sound Pressure Level meter) shows present sound pressure at the microphone position. The meter displays five different top and average levels.


The spectrogram presents an analysis of the decay time in the room. The time spectrum analysis shows a color spectrum of frequency, level and time.

Delay Alignment

The new Delay Alignment tool is used for time alignment of sound sources. By measuring the distance from the speakers and subwoofer, appropriate adjustments to your subwoofer’s position or phase settings can be made.

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