SUB 10.17

SUB 10.17 - Powerful and accurate bass performance

By replacing the former model, the 99W10.16, the 10.17 has to fulfill very high expectations concerning power and accuracy. To elicit very deep bass with a high sound pressure level from a subwoofer that has a more aesthetic size is a challenge. The driver of the 10.17 has to be powerful yet very rigid and at the same time extremely lightweight to achieve the highest precision and maximum power. Therefore, a driver which originates from the famous Cinema series which is able to achieve this high set of goals is used. The powerful, yet energy efficient amplifier works in Class-D and provides 500W RMS and 800W peak power. No matter whether for a stereo system or home cinema, the 10.17 combines very powerful bass with the highest precision and flexibility due to its sound tuning possibilities.


Resulting from proprietary development, the driver of the 10.17 was developed from the driver of the Cinema series which is acclaimed for its precision and power. This high-speed driver is made of extremely lightweight, yet rigid materials, thereby exceeding the normal market reference drivers impulse behaviour and accuracy are concerned. The 800W amplifier produces both tight and deep bass in home cinemas, as well as putting in place a discreet sound foundation for the enjoyment of music. Its perfect clipping characteristic gives it higher headroom for maximum dynamics.

Sound Tuning
Sound Tuning

At the terminal, the 10.17 provides the ability to configure the sound of the subwoofer using the 3 equalizers with the use of toggle switches. While the EQ “REF” provides maximum depth in the bass, “EQ1” cuts the deepest frequencies to adapt the sound in smaller rooms with high room gain. “EQ2” lifts the kick bass to achieve a punchier bass. In addition, the 10.17 can be adjusted by using the enclosed plug for the bass reflex tubes. If both tubes are closed, the 10.17 behaves like a sealed box construction with maximum precision and an earlier sloping bass.


The massive cabinet of the 10.17 consists of 25 mm MDF, which has a large amount of internal cross-bracing to ensure maximum stability. the amount of material and reinforcing leads to the high weight of the 10.17. Furthermore, the enormous stability of this construction suppresses possible resonances effectively and provides the driver with an ideal environment. Combined with the damping material, the subwoofer plays with a maximum of control and the highest dynamics. Due to the perfect size of the housing and the volume created, the bass is extremely accurate and precise.


The 10.17 can be perfectly integrated into any home cinema thanks to the three different available colors: matte black, gloss black and matte white. The multilayered paint is ornately polished and thus it contributes to the extremely sophisticated look of the 10.17. Rounded edges provide an even more distinguished look.


The rear terminal offers gold plated RCA and XLR inputs. Thus the 10.17 can also be used in studio environments. Both the crossover frequency, as well as the level of the subwoofer and the phase can be adjusted exactly at the terminal. You also find the toggle switch here for the EQ selection.

Front Cover
Front Cover

The acoustic material which is used for the front grill is opaque and at the same time 100% transparent to sound. The front grill is available in black. It protects the drivers from potential damage without compromising the sound quality.

Further Information

Bass driver

We call this low-mass, long throw driver “high speed” because we use a very lightweight, stiff cone material and a very strong motor (magnet) structure which gives us an incredibly fast driver. It can produce amazing sound pressure levels with great dynamics and yet remain precise and true to the original music. We spent years finding the perfect cone material since the combination of weight and stiffness is one of the most critical factors in driver construction. The material we found that managed to meet all our requirements is made out of a very strong, long fiber pulp blend. The driver also needs to make ultra-long strokes for maximum sound pressure. So to get a maximum of linearity, we had to develop a special NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) rubber surround. Additional advantages of our custom designed driver include:

  • FEA optimized magnetic field design incorporating a tightly focused “T” pole design  
  • Advanced level of large signal motor and suspension refinement using KLIPPEL laser-based test system
  • Large aluminum shorting ring to minimize inductance and further lower non-linear distortion
  • Ultra-high temperature aluminum voice coil with airflow maximizer design
  • Special NBR rubber surround with maximum linearity throughout its excursion range
  • Spider fabricated from unique blend of poly-cotton
Class-D Amplifier

The SUB 10.17 uses the same type of Class-D amplifier as in our award winning Cinema Subwoofer Series. It has an extraordinary high power output for the driver of 500W with almost twice that in peak wattage output whenever called upon to deliver. In contrast to many other Class-D amplifiers, the design has near ideal clipping characteristics which ensure maximum headroom capability by minimizing the use of limiting circuitry. An unprecedented amount of sound detail and maximum performance are the result of years of design refinement. This amp features an advanced DSP processor. Our DSP gives the amp unmatched control over the driver at all levels with two EQ settings that raise specific frequency ranges. In addition to this high degree of customization, this also allows the subwoofer’s sound characteristics to be changed to your preference for optimized tuning and a more refined behaviour. The internal cabling is realized using 99.99% pure copper wire, which guarantees the highest signal transparency. The structure has low inductance and capacitance.

Sound Tuning
Sound Tuning

The SUB 10.17 allows you to alter the sound character in many ways. This provides you with options to achieve exactly the kind of sound you want. The bass character can be altered by plugging the reflex ports of the subwoofer with the included foam bungs. Even further optimization can be achieved by adjusting the EQ, phase, crossover frequency and volume.


Gives an extended frequency response for the deepest bass, however care should be taken to ensure the lower frequencies are not over represented and “muddy”, depending on the room geometrics, placement of the sub and listening position (reverberation).

EQ 1
Is a direct countermeasure to the “muddy” bass problem of over represented low bass/room gain. By lowering the bass extension, the bass will be more controlled.

EQ 2
Stores more energy a bit higher in the frequency, resulting in a punchier fast bass.

Port Tuning  - High frequency

With no plugs in the ports the subwoofer will provide a “quick” and “punchy” bass character. It will produce increased output higher up in the frequency range.

Port Tuning - Mid. frequency
If the left port is blocked and the right port is open, this will provide a bass with an increased output in the mid-region.

Port Tuning - Low. frequency
If the right port is blocked and the left port is open, this will provide a deep bass with an increased output in the lower frequencies.

Port Closed
With both ports blocked the sealed box will provide a dry and controlled bass character.

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