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 "If you are looking for a way to gain more insight into how your speakers interact with your room and what to do to fix any issues, the XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit is probably the easiest method out there."

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Is the Room Analyzer software compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, but recent Windows 10 updates broke compatibility for Room Analyzer v2.34. Please download and install v2.35 beta version (from 25th Oct 2019) for use with more recent Windows 10 versions.

Release notes v2.35 beta:
1. Improved the Windows 10 compatibility
2. Fixed an OpenGL bug which caused random text in the CSD
3. The lowest approved measurement sound pressure level is raised 6 dB to avoid bad results (the meter should be green when measuring)
4. An uninitialized variable caused an invalid display value followed by a program crash
5. Added checks for out of bounds access when moving the mouse in the SPL tab

Room Analyzer Software on MAC?

Currently our software ain't optimized to work on mac.But there is two ways to solve the problem and get the room analyzer work with a MAC.

1. Bootcamp =intstall windows and reboot the computer to start windows
2. Emutation program like Parallels or VirtaulBox VM.

How do I solve "Found no valid hardware"?

Please check if you have downloaded and installed the correct software version (version 2.34 for Room Analyzer II Pro).

Make sure the ID string is correct and is found by the computer in the device manager. Should be specified as "XTZAUDIO2P", see picture below.

Image title

If the device manager specifies "USB Advanced Audio Device" then the ID string can be missing. This might be an error or if you have bought Microphone Pro which misses the correct ID string and is only made for use with other softwares.

This may also be due to Windows lacks a DLL, a solution is to be connected to the internet and then simply remove the "USB Audio Device" in the device manager, and press F5, then hopefully Windows goes on the internet and retrieves the correct driver. Otherwise, you run a disk check, and then run the same procedure again. Another thing, sometimes Windows will ask whether to download driver on the web and then you should answer yes to search the internet. We also recommend to do a cleaning of the computer, for example with CCCleaner.

Here is great guide for how to re-install the drivers.Please start with option 1, then 2 and finally 3.Make sure you has the latest software version, version 2.34, and it's the only installation you have active.

If you have had a previous version before, please remove the program folder completely manually before installing the latest version. Using the uninstall function is not enough. Download the latest version here.

If the ID-string seems to be correct (XTZAUDIO2P) and still the software does not find the hardware. Please request a sound card analyzing software from us for scanning the sound cards on the computer. Sometimes there is a space to much which make it not work. Run the sound card analyzing software, take a print screen of the result and send as a picture to us for analyzing

How do you explain "Level is below reference level" error?

If the error message "Level is below reference level" pops up when running sweeps in Room Analyzer or Full Range, but works in RTA mode, please try to increase the output volume level either in the Room Analyzer software or in the windows audio configuration.

If the level is already very high, please check the following:
Click right on the speaker icon in the Task bar, click on the playback devices, and go to the Communications tab. The "Do Nothing" should be selected so that Windows doesn't automatically correct the volume levels.

If this does not help, then there is some error with the reference channel in the sound card (used in sweeps) and the sound card box has to be replaced. Please contact us in such matter to arrange a replacement unit for the sound card.

My software is not starting?

Run as Administrator:- First thing you should test is to run the software as Administrator.

1. Rightclick on XTZ Software
2. Press run as administrator
3. The program will now start as Administrator and should run fine.

I get large variations at 4, 8 or 16 kHz in RTA mode and for RT60 in Full range mode. Do you have an explanation?

Set the sample rate set to 24 bit, 48 kHz Studio quality for both recording and playback device.

1. Right-click on the speaker symbol down to the right.

2. Choose "Playback devices".

3. Double-click on the XTZ Audio 2 Pro speakers in the listing.

4. Go to advanced tab and change "Default Format" to "24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)" and press "OK".

5. In the Sound window now go to the Recording tab and change the setting for the XTZ Audio 2 Pro microphone.

No sound through the mic or the audio output

Do you miss the sound from the microphone?
If you get no sound through the audio output?If there is no measurement signal to the amplifier?

Start with option1.
If it's not work try option 2.

Option 1.Change primary sound-device.Please follow steps below:

1. Click on the symbol with a speaker in the right corner of your computer
2. Rightclick and press "devices"
3. Here you see your devices, the one with a green symbol is your main device
4. You can change the main-device by rightclick on the device you wanna change to and press "make main-device"
5. Restart your computer and try to start XTZ software

Still can't solve it, or don't understand these text?
Please click on the link below: 
Link for more help

Option 2: Update DriversFollow the steps below:

1. Go to "My Computer"
2. Control Panel /System and Security /Device Manager /Sound, video and game controllers /Audio XTZ 2 Pro /driver
3. Press the "update driver"
4. Restart the computer.

Option 3:(USB Audio Device)

This may be due to Windows lacks a DLL, a solution is to be connected to the internet and then simply remove the "USB Audio Device" in the device manager, and press F5, then goes hopefully Windows on the network and retrieves the correct driver.Otherwise, you run a disk check, and then run the same procedure again. Another thing, sometimes Windows will ask whether to download driver on the web and then you should answer yes to search the internet. Is the problem not solved? Please check the thread below:

I would like to test my RAIIPro mic with REW but where can I find the calibration file that it needs?

You can download it here

Microphone placement when using 3 position method

Is there any recommendation for actual distance for placing microphone away from the speaker?

Answer: No, actually no basic rule. If you have 3 seat cinema choose 3 seat for measure. If you have more seats, and several rows, use 2 in the main row and 1 in the second row. It's impossible to know the weak spot in the room so it can be a good idea to try several times if the result is not good.

After measurement of room modes and entering the values into a DSP device

After the measurement, the chart of room modes is generated along with measured results and expected results. If I enter the Q value and frequencies listed in the table showing room modes found into a DSP device, I should get a similar result as per the white line chart. Am I correct?

Answer: Yes.

After measurement and if the DSP device has limited range of frequencies to select

If the DSP device has limited range of frequencies to select and adjust, choose the closest value/Q value to the suggested room mode values. 

If you measure again and get another PEQ value you can not change the current setup, it will not work, but of course you can adjust the EQ or PEQ again and again until you get flattest response possible.

In a home theater setup, how do I run the measurements for all speakers, i.e. 5.1/7.1 setup?

Measure one channel at the time and make each channel as flat as possible.

Next step is to use the y-split to front + subwoofer and check the response created together, and if needed fine tune the phase, volume, freq etc. to get a total flat response.

We suggest you use the RTA in this last measure, it is fast and you see the response in real time when you adjust receiver or subwoofer.

Finally fine tune the level and balance between front, sub, center and rear. This means only volume adjustment.

Then you are done!

The room analyzer software is frozen and it cannot be reacted by clicking on menus or other parts of the window.

Step 1:
Open Windows "Microphone privacy settings" by typing it is search at the bottom left.

Image title

Step 2:
Allow apps to access your microphone. Try to restart the Room Analyzer program, it should now work as usual.

Image title

Room Analyzer II Pro version 2.34
Room Analyzer II version 2.2
Room Analyzer Pro version 2.0
XTZ RA2Pro calibration file
Room Analyzer II Pro version 2.35_Beta
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